Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jersey Fresh Three Day Event

Peter's spring season culminated at the Jersey Fresh Three Day Event.Barbie,Peter and I left Aiken on Monday at three am to get to the event site in daylight and have time to let Peter settle.As usual we were the first ones there. Luckily another truckload came in and were stabled next to us so he could have some buddies.We had an excellent stall location and set up the palace(our living quarters). Phase one complete.

The next day,we set everything up and let Peter have lots of grass and I rode him in the morning and afternoon all round the place.I was glad to have gotten settled in early as everyone seems to arrive at once. We like to avoid the melee.

The briefing was brief and the trot up went well for us.It is always a special feeling trotting up at a three day.Barbie had Peter gleaming so brightly you needed shades just to look at him.I had a late draw on Friday so there was plenty of time for multiple relaxed rides before our test.

Dressage went really well EXCEPT I FORGOT THE TEST!!!!!!!!UGH!!!!6 unnecessary points. What a waste.I haven't done that in forever. I picked a fine time!I am in good company though as even the best in the world forget occasionally.But what a waste!

The cross country course was LONG and UPHILL.9 minutes 14 seconds.The jumps were serious but reasonable.The course doable but there was a lot out there.I walked it 5 times. I had a plan and felt ready.

Well,I fell off at 5b a skinny coming out of water.There went all my big dreams of jumping round the course.Rats.I have more to say but shan't print it here.I have beaten myself up enough(it's now Monday).

Peter is only 8 years old. He has only had a few errors in his career and I am delighted with him.Apparently I did not make it clear enough to him where he was going and he went left,I went straight.POP went my vest.I landed on my feet holding Peter,so no real drama,except I ripped my breeches and didn't know it until after a long very public walk with my left cheek fully exposed.

Barbie,Peter and I were all sad by my error.It is a huge let down to blow it all with a fall,but better me than him.The ground was quite hard and maybe it was all for the better that he didn't run,but I sure wanted to.

Hindsight is always twenty twenty.You can believe I am going to put on my course designer hat and fire Eleanor (my tractor) up and rebuild Jersey Fresh(smaller version) out in my field and practice what I missed out on.How fortunate I am to be able to do that.Paradise Farm has limitless possibilities with it's great terrain.I'll give Peter a short break and then we'll get cracking again....

Jersey fresh did not go well for us but there were others that had the ride of their lives.Congratulations to them.This is a tough sport.Sometimes it all goes your way and sometimes it doesn't.Hanging on in those in between times is difficult.

This morning at about 3.30 am I woke up thinking about some not very good stuff.It was hard for me to leave my dogs that love ,me no matter what,stop or no....and get up and face the day at the farm.This place is just too damn special,so are my horses.

I love my horses. I love my farm and I am going to make this work out one way or another.Thanks to everyone for their support in good times and bad.Thank you to all in New Jersey for all their efforts.Special shout out to Barbie for her EXTREME dedication and support. To Arenus and Devoucoux for their support and to Dougie Hannum who went out of his way to help Peter and I.

I shall look forward to the next time.Fingers crossed!