Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pedro The Great

WE MADE IT!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the last event for Peter Pan this year and he is very happy and extremely sound. I am so happy and grateful for a safe weekend,I can't sit down. I also just discovered great music on Pandora, so my office has changed from a room of torture and tears to a rockin', jammin' place!

Peter Pan has many names depending on the day.Peter Pan,Peanut Butter,Osama,El Diablo and Don't BUCK ME OFF!But today he is my shining star.It has been a long season with many ups and downs.He won a couple prelims,I crashed at his one star debut and broke my back(wearing number 13!)and had a STELLAR dressage at the AEC's and then,this weekend completed his first two star,safe and sound!

Believe it or not,I was drawn number 13 again and I had a fit and begged the Ground Jury to change my number.I swore to myself I would never ride with that number again having had terrible experience in the past. They were very accommodating so I became 197 and spent the rest of the weekend confusing everyone. Thank you Ground Jury!

I was happy with the dressage,having had a rather large blip when he touched the boards in his second turn on the haunches. At that moment I felt he turned into" Mr. Don't BUCK ME OFF!"He thought about it but quickly regained his composure to finish the test in fine form in FOURTH place. WOW!

His Cross country was exactly what I had hoped for at this early stage of his career. He is only 7 and just started jumping 2.5 years ago. I purposely went slow and had what I call a controlled round off a loose rein. He went all the straight ways(except for when I forgot where I was going after the water jump for about 7 seconds!!!!OOOPS!)I was pleased with my ability to control myself and stay slow and straight.I got cocky twice this year and paid the piper.Feeling my little boy be so happy and confident was well worth dropping to 12th place. I was over the moon with his performance and I felt we did a lot of good for our partnership in the future.

GOD I MISS RIVERDANCE AND PICKLES!!!!!!!!!It is very hard to have only 1 ride and keep it together emotionally at that level.I had a very very strong visit from Pickles walking back from the vet box after the cross country. He was in my pocket on Saturday for sure.How Lucky I have been to have had so many great rides on Riverdance ,my horse of a lifetime.Too bad I wasn't where I am now when I had him ...but we all have so much to learn.

River and Harry are next up to come out of the cobwebs and keep me jumping the big stuff till Peter comes back from his holiday.I know one thing for sure. One has to stay jumping the bigger fences or your eye goes quickly South!

I was pleased with the show jumping today. I'm feeling a little more at home with those monster fences.Peter was very relaxed and handled them well. But I had a slip in the turn to the last line.Naturally it was the triple with a good sized oxer in. I had the A and B down but then Peter got his feet back and cleared the last two jumps.Whew ,that was a close one.When I slipped on the approach to those giant red and black rails ,I thought,"Oh this is going to hurt!"

I owe a huge THANKS to Barbie Reeser and Lynda Clary-Burke ,my two helpers at the event. No one can do this alone. They were there to support and help and Peter looked amazing. Barbie is a super groom for sure now.She'll definitely be ready for Kentucky in a few more years!(Hope I will be!)

All in all a great weekend. I was very proud of Peter Pan. He can really fly and I hope he never grows up. I know I won't so we're really good for each other.Well that's all for now. Off to Neverland for the night. Happy Halloween.

Thank you everyone at Chattahoochee Hills.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Short But Very Important Blog

There is a lot going on around Paradise farm as Usual. I am so very very relieved to have been given the HUGE honor of riding some really nice new horses for people. I am very grateful that people seem to be creeping back to the farm for lessons and I am able to make the weekly payroll without feeling the need to sell plasma or my beautiful truck to pay the bills.I will be able to have the support of Antonio the Great and the famous Barbie Doll for one more week.

The Hunter Trials was a sucessful and happy day.Despite all the efforts of some of Aiken's finest, My friends continue to come out and support the farm no matter what.We are very happy to put those non humans behind us.

Last night I was working at pullng the upcoming horse trials together with my right arm , Karen Kelly . She has been through every minute of The Paradise Farm Horse Trials since the beginning.My new puppy, Brumby ran away and was GONE.He wears a small bell on his collar so I can hear him when he rambles. The silence last night was deafening.He was gone. Only four months old and the cutest form of happiness on the farm,I could not believe that I had lost him.

The Horse Trials is hairy to say the least as we are a week out ,and only getting a few entries now.Listening to millions of reasons why people can't come is very taxing and brings one way down for days on end.Wanting to pull off a nice competition but without entries ,I'd rather just pull the covers over my head....or go drive a truck.And then my puppy runs away. Is he dead? Is he Stolen? How much more bad luck do I have to endure?Why is this happening?

I ran around the farm until 2.30 am, cursing God ,telling him I would punch him in the nose if I ever met him.I yelled out loud in the darkness ,that I thought he was very unfair and that I thought I'd had enough for one year and he should go pick on someone else.I said every bad thing to God that I wanted to say to a few of Aiken's finest, that I have yet to have the pleasure of seeing...

About 2.30 am I heard the bell. Of course I cried and hugged the poor puppy to death,then told him I wanted to spank him for torturing me.He licked my face and wagged his nub and said yea yea where's the bones?

Today......I saw the first of the 31 miners pulled from a hole in the ground after weeks of torture down under. The look on the miners sons face brought me back to reality.All of a sudden, I wiped more tears from my face(again) and I realized how great life is.That little boy 's face said it all. That little boy said the same thing Pickles said to me in April. I had forgotten.I owe Pickles a huge apology.I must go back to Pickles who is so important to me.Pickles, my dead horse, and a little boy that didn't speak a word, said more to me than anyone else ever could. "remember what is real.Remember what is important."

Four people came to my house tonight to help me with next years hunter trials and this years next event. These people were terrific.They were there to help. They were there to support and create good positive energy.And we are going to take that energy and help one of our friends that needs our help. And that's what it's all about.The bad stuff I have been feeling can be put back in the garbage can where the stinking rotting filth of something I once thought was important can fester without anymore thought from me.So be gone all of you that think you are anything ,for you are nothing.Life is far to grand to even allow you one more minute.You will all get yours.

You are the sorry ones. I will stay with Pickles, my puppy, the South American Boy and his family and my real friends.And my Farm. Paradise Farm. Be gone all you Toads... May you Rot in your own Hell that you create for yourselves.Ribot Ribot...... Dramatic you may say?.......No, Just very honest.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Up and coming Blogs

I have lots to write about.I mentioned Mr. Miagi from the Karate Kid as an inspiration and mentor to me, but I would also like to make mention and give thanks to a local friend and Horseman ,Mr. Mike Sharp for helping me with some great words of wisdom yesterday at my Hunter Trials.His words have also given me a second wind,when I had some pretty flaccid sails.

I must tell you at great length about the FABULOUS day I had Judging The Southeast regional 4-H championships up at Clemson University.This is an important blog that I hope lots of people will take back into their own sports.

I have to report on the American Eventing Championships. They were enormous and well done.

I have to report about Peter Pan's debut in the CIC TWO STAR world YIKES!!!!!!!!Can you believe he is about to go to his first CCI two star?Just this time last year I was barely able to say the "I" word and now there are slight little teeny tiny mentions of the "A "word!(though not for a while yet)

For those of you asking about Harry,He is starting back in work tomorrow! After several months off with a STUPID CUT that wouldn't go away,we are feeling like he can start walking. UGH. Take care of your horses!

And I have a TON of miracle stories about great lessons people have had. Our dear friend GOD has been very active sending great riding messages to our friends. Stay tuned.I have to go to sleep.

Catching Up

So many of you have asked me why I have not been "Blogging". Who made up that word anyway? It's like :"Facebook and Twitter or Tweeting?"Any way the simple answer is that I had once again lost all faith in humanity and myself and thought it best to keep my opinions on things to myself.

So I watched the Godfather over and over again and a few other good movies that inspired me,yet todays feature film was one of my all time favorites,The Karate Kid.Once again,Mr. Miagi pulled me from the depths I so often visit and regave me the will to live.I wish I could stand like that pelican or whatever it is and kick my leg up that high and make the same sound as it did when it hit the bad guy straight on,but I am afraid I would tear something and I'd be back on crutches again. I had better not.

2010 hasn't been the greatest of years.The loss of quite a few great friends,4 four legged and one two legged.(Boy would I like to do the pelican dance with that Dummy!)A few more broken bones and the recent BS with the AH .But out of bad always comes good and almost always when one doesn't expect it.

We had a magical day here at Paradise yesterday with the Hunter Trial. A lot of great people came to support the farm and had a wonderful time. It was perfect weather and the field was emerald green after the great rains we had.The courses rode well.We had lots of children on ponies and adults on their ponies. Smiles were everywhere.I will get Miss Ann to put pictures up on this blog when she feels better cause I do not know how to do it.We had teams and pairs and braids and ribbons and lots of dogs in the dog show!

Many people were beautifully turned out.There were shadbellies,tweed and colors galour. I think that sets a great example for the future.Horses were sparkling.Sadly not a lot of hunting people came which this event was aimed for but we had so many other enthusiasts I don't know how it could have been better .

Nanu's famous sandwhiches,magic cookies, hamburgers , Hotdogs,and fabulous meatball sandwhiches made by a REAL FIREMAN were a big hit as was the rest of the food. Next year we'll have a better stock of beverages on hand. I MUST Get a bigger tent!

The Hunter Trials are a day of fun. There should be something for everyone. The Hunter Pace is about 2 miles long and goes all over the farm,making use of all the terrain Paradise has to offer.Hills,Ditches, water and small banks.Perfect footing and not so perfect footing. One can go at ones own pace and just enjoy the ride. It is an excellent warm up for the rest of the day or just a great experience to enjoy ones horse in a party atmosphere.

The cross rails are a good starting point to jumping. Next year there will be an entire division and several low jumping classes in the ring as we had so many requests already!We have already decided we need more judges as well to move things along as there is so much to do.

We had 5 different courses and the classes were beautiful to watch. Thanks to all that helped decorated the jumps,put out numbers and cut brush.The Hillside at Paradise offers unparallelled viewing and our spectators were VERY enthusiastic. Mike Sharp had his FABULOUS music playing along with his great voice doing the announcing.

Everyone was a huge winner but it was Chis Powers and Olive that piped out Lynn Kramp and Earnie as the adult grand Champion!Our Junior champion was Rebecca Beaudry with her lovely horse Daisy and Madeline Eves was reserve. A tight competition decided in the last class!

There are already huge plan for next year's Hunter Trial. So save the first Saturday in October.We are planning a fun party the Friday night before so clear your calanders! Stay tuned