Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pine Top Horse Trials

I always look forward to Pine Top and this time was no let down either! Janet and Glenn Wilson do a fabulous job and we are so lucky to have this quality event so close to home!

Pine Top is a real event with real tracks that are for the horses. I think we need more of those. The event is well presented yet simple. The tracks given to us (the riders) are always challenging and up to size and the footing is good enough to really have a go. When I saw Glenn out on the cross country I wanted to thank him so much for all his time and work because his cross country is outstanding - all the time. His tracks give me the same feelings as so many of the tracks I rode across the pond. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!

Again I must say that I have been serious this summer about taking lessons and practicing. Barbie and I have been serious about the preparation of these horses. Did I ever mention that this is the first time in my career that I have ever had a full time groom? To FINALLY have a reliable helper is a miracle. Paradise farm is a VERY busy operation. Antonio Henandez runs all the man(farm) stuff. Barbie runs the horse stuff, I do the riding and not sure what else stuff and there are several really good friends that ride out at the farm. SEADFAST keeps the horses together along with CONSTANT vet and farrier stuff.

Anyway, only half an hour before I have to run into the woods for a foxhunter safety clinic. Pine Top. Fab event. Harry First, Peter First, Pickles second .Again, I had a rail with Peter in SJ and one very awkward last fence but got away with it but otherwise we were on track with the three devils! WOW BIG WOW!!! Lots of tears and hugs. I do not take this lightly.

Now it's onto Paradise Farm Horse Trials. Two weeks out. Fewer entries than expected. Sad...The gas is killing everyone. But I am keeping the glass half full.Some nice write ups on the Chronicle of the Horse bulletin board. And I even had some very nice comments from an official that I used to hide from as I knew he had some thoughts about my riding. So I tell you folks, Go out there and keep trying as long as it takes (and it has taken a VERY LONG time for me!) but every once in a while the stars do align.Take it while you can and be so grateful.

Thank you Janet and Glenn, STEADFAST, Barbie. Thankyou DEVILS!


nancy smith said...

geeeeze- so i think i finally figures out how to respond to this!!! We will see anyway.

Lellie, just want to congratulate you on the progress with your horses! You have come incredibly far in one years time!!! nancy smith

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Pine Top went so well for you! Are you thinking of moving anyone up soon?