Saturday, July 4, 2009

Out Of My Box

Recently,I attended another (third this year) ICP teaching workshops.This one was a level 3-4 given in Bluemont,Va. by Karen O'Connor.There was an impressive group of people there and we all worked very hard.The ICP workshops and system is no joke.It requires a TON of knowledge and confidence.The days are long and very hard work.I teach clinics all the time for as much as fourteen hours straight withought sitting down sometimes and they are a virtual piece of cake compared to these workshops.

One is required to teach a lesson with an introduction,a safety check, a few minutes observation of horse and rider to make an assessment and lesson plan,explain the lesson to the instructors,teach the lesson,and then explain to the instuctor whether or not you felt you were sucessful in producing results.This all happens in 35 minutes.

There is masses of imformation and required reading and I tell you ,you need to know it ,no matter how comfortable you are in your own skin teaching at home.These sessions really take you out of your own box and comfort zone and it's easy to get bogged down.

Taking myself and my system to Virginia ,and being so against the clock I ran into time management and verbage issues.There are alaways differences in degrees of importance and I left out a multitude of things in each lesson and was mostly humbled at the end of each teaching session.

One has to teach a dressage,show jumping and cross country lesson.There is a lot of required imfo for the three diciplines.Everyone worked hard.One gets back to the chair feeling rather small and thinking "yea............. But", a lot.

Self Doubt was there with me.Confidence was not in my pocket ,the way it normally is.The pressure I put on myself was similar to the way I used to beat myself up at a competition.Self mutilation is my specialty.So ,I think it is great to get out there and do all that stuff.The imformation and requirements are fair.You just have to be able to produce on command and not get wrapped up in the small stuff.One step in front of the other........we all put our pants on one leg at a time."Now,now Lellie....CALM DOWN....................................."

I am taking my exams soon .I know I will have to be in the books to pass this test.It is not done by charm alone.So,stay tuned.I enjoyed my three days in Virginia ,but have to admit I was VERY HAPPY to get back to Aiken and ride again back in the box I am more familiar with.

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