Friday, July 2, 2010

Message From God

Lord knows I talk enough during the lessons to drive people crazy.I often feel like an incessant mosquito, buzzing buzzing around in my riders brains, trying to get them to react to various situations.

It is difficult to listen and FEEL at the same time.Very often, one trys so hard while riding to get a FEEL that they can't see or hear anything. It is easy to bump into a jump standard in the ring. It is easy to miss a jump . Mud puddles can come out of nowhere and cause your horse to spook and catch one WAY off guard. I call this "riding blind."

It is easy to "go blind" with fear. When one's horse grabs the bit and starts to speed up, pull, or "get bigger". It is easy to forget what to do to REGAIN control and then confidence. That is all we are trying to do. It is the same out in the cross country field, hunt field, show jumping ring, even the dressage ring.

TIMING is another hard thing to learn right up there with FEELING!!!!! How much is enough and when do you do it and HOW DO YOU DO IT?

A great way to learn all this is by practicing, making mistakes, having problems and getting through to the other side. The aha moments. Sometimes God steps in. He shows up a lot in the open spaces. He says........You had BETTER find your balance. You had BETTER sit back. You had BETTER learn how to balance and control your horses step.... OR ELSE I WILL RAISE YOUR PULSE TILL YOU GET IT.

Of course this is all relative and should be thoroughly discussed with the rider beforehand. A great lady said to me today....."Oh,,, this is what I am supposed to be doing everyday!"I need to ride better!!!!Oh hallelujah . She got it! "YES ,,,EVERYDAY ,EVERY TIME YOU RIDE!!!!!" Thanks be to God. A real light bulb moment. Great fun and that's what teaching is about.

My lady went from fairy riding with a minimum of control and confidence, to clearly owning her ride and getting her young horse downhill into the water jump. She knew what to do when her horse said no. Even though I had loaded her guns with at least an hours worth of discussion about position and the application of the aids, it was a higher power that went down that hill into the water with her......She was safe.....And she was BEAMING at the end of her ride.

It is so much fun to see people transform from helpless housewives that ride blind into functioning riders with a real purpose.Yippee, another score at Paradise today.Thank God!


LC-B said...

will keep this particular entry in my mind for a long while...riding blind because of not responding produced a broken neck..

one of your great ladies (and may be the very same one you write about here) has written me this week, detail by detail of her "coming to the party" when a group of driving horses appeared on XC to work on hills in the middle of her do amazing work, Lellie, it just takes some of us longer to connect what we learn in pieces to doing it ALL together! Can't wait til I'm out there with you again...closer every day!
xoxoxox Lynda

Lellie said...

There are no time limits. We all just have to try not to give up....EVERYDAY....myself included. Thanx for reading the blog.

Ann said...

Well that just about sums it up! What a miracle worker you are Lellie... there is simply NO WAY that N and I could be where we are today without your "incessant chirping" just like Jimminy Cricket! But everything is beginning to fall into place (for both of us) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Lois said...

Hallelujah! Your great lady is a friend of mine and e-mailed me about this blog. She works so hard. I am very happy she has had an "Ahh haaa" moment.
I have another friend up here in Ontario, Canada, who does the same with dressage. Works soooo hard to gain these special moments! It is most rewarding for you as a coach to see your students gain these insights.
Me, I have traded my horses for golf clubs. My God moments come from a great drive off the tee, or a wonderful round of more one putts than 2 putts.
Be kind to my dear friend in your teaching, Lellie, and try not to yell at her too much. She loves learning.