Saturday, October 8, 2011

Where is the time?

I used to be able to write almost weekly,now it seems to be a monthly occurrance. I apologize for that.Thank you to all that have been so complimentary about this blog.It is always fun hearing from you.

So Southern Pines turned out to be a dissappointment for me ,mostly because I rode SO badly in the show jumping. I seem to be getting consumed with all that bad stuff again. i was gone for awhile but.....I know it will go away again.

The AEC's were next. WE had great times. I think I was second to last to go in the OI champs. Peter is a definate afternoon boy. I was pleased with his dressage. It's coming. Another year and I think we might be OK.A couple of small blips but his attitude was good and he was very workmanlike.Cross country was a perfect ride. He never ever picked up the bridle one time. My intention was just to jump around and have a very settled ride and he made the time easily bringing us to show Jumping in 7th place.My nerves got the better of me again although I have to say these current nerves are not so much riding nerves but other demonic possesions that are taking me away from riding a clear round.That being said I had three rails and finished 13th.Watching the video I know what I have to do to fix the riding which is good,but the other stuff is a little harder.

Poplar PLace CiC 2 * was next. Again I was pleased with Peters dressage. He's going to be the real deal in time and I have to be patient.Cross country I had a stop by overchecking to the water ,trying to prevent (in my mind) over jumping a brush to a one stride. Of course I kicked myself as I shouldhave left Peter alone and LET HIM JUMP!!!! DUH!Peter is a definate goer and very good with his feet. I have to say it was a REAL error on my part and I paid the price. Other than that he pinged around and the big A is not far away as far as dressage or cross country goes. ON THE OTHER HAND, Lellie will not be going anywhere fast until a few things at home get settled so I can show jump better.

I chose to show jump in a hackamore. WE had practiced in it and were very happy with it.Peter got progressively stronger during the duration of the course. I actually dropped my right rein after the triple and Peter took off and ran away with me for a good ten minutes. Flat out.It was a clasic run away. Not at all funny. I was completely helples and he ran as fast as he could without the slightest fatigue. It was very unsafe and I was not a happy camper but knew from my racing days eventually it would have to end so I sat chilly but terrified everyone watching. I apologize for that as it was truely scary.

I was very upset but again more with non riding issues than Peter and went home with my tail between my legs.So we have decided not to run the two star CCI as planned and step back a little till other things can settle down.I will never put the horses at risk and I need to get a few things sorted to ride better in the future.Al;ways something!!!

So I am now officially done with eventing for a while and going back to show Jumping again for some more education.

Not the way I wanted it to go but the horses cme first. WE have since Jumped Peter at home with the help of a good friend and all is very well. So stay tuned we'll beback.!

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