Monday, November 28, 2011

Paradise Fall Horse Trials

Another month has come and gone my my.Zoom Zoom.

Today is the 28th of November.I have really slowed down on my writing.But we haven't slowed down with anything on the farm.

My Horse trials ran perfectly smoothly ,thanks to the great team we have here at Paradise.Karen Kelly's abcense was huge.I can't believe I made it through an event without her. But Marcia,her best friend kept Karen o the go and she handled the volunteer coodinating and ,fence judge placements from afar.Keeping all the volunteer stuff organized is a huge job as the names seem to shift constantly.Communication is always the key. We like everyone to be notified way in advance but the way eventing has evolved,things seem to really pile up at the last minute which always adds to the stress.

We had a beautiful day and all the courses looked great as we had a ton of bright green brush on many jumps and restained lots of fences to make them have an upgraded look to the course.We added stabling this year and had 23 stablers. I hope the added onsite stabling will help increase interest in this nice event.We started 83 horses.75 horses breaks even. The man hours of labour and the hours I lose riding my own horses and teaching hardly makes the event seem worthwhile.Putting on a competition is a huge effort.The spring event here is a gas to put on as we know we have entries on an early date. Therefore we can put money into the event and hire the proper labour necessary.When an event runs on a complete shoestring due to lack of entries it is a sad state of affairs where everyone knows there can be no improvements done or additions to the event.We keep going as we want to support the sport. We just wish more riders would support the event.Paradise farm Horse trials has excellent footing I challenge anyone anywhere to contest the quality. We have super technical show jumping courses and state of the art dressage rings.We do not have permanent stabling with rubber mats and electricity but neither do Fair Hill International,Burghley or Blenheim Horse Trials.

So the Horse trials was in fact not the great positive I had hoped it would be.But it's now gone to bed and we are already working on the next one.I wish there had been funds left over for my next project here but now that will have to wait.I can assure all riders if you help us by entering this great competition we will not dissappoint with great additions to the courses!SO COME AND ENTER PLEASE!

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