Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So the good news is I am on the mend.Fingers are much better though definately want to stay undercover of gloves. Neck is great. No pain. Some stiffness. The collar keeps it from moving around.I am confident I shall have a good recovery.

I can manage dressing,eating,typing,writing with a pen,driving and telephoning.I have had a ton of support from family and friends which has been so helpful.

When we are riding full time and very goal oriented with the horses we miss a lot of what happens in the other non horsey world. Being sidelined gives a different perspective.Though it requires some restraint and hard swallowing I can deal with missing out on this years spring season.I have lots of plans directed mostly towards upping my education in course design and training of horses and riders. Since I will not be aiming my entire life on competitions as I have done for the past 20 years,it will be a change and a challenge to carry on in a different way.

I am looking forward to meeting new people ,also with different perspectives.Keep on keepin on they say.

Being injured has many sides.None of them are great but getting support from friends and family is always great.People can be so terrific at times. They can also be ridiculously stupid and unkind.When people get hurt,it is not necessary to gossip and expand upon things they are not 100% involved with. Rumours are unkind,hurtful and very very unnessary. I heard everything from I was riding another wild young horse to I was on life support,cut my face open the entire legnth. etc etc.Why was I riding such a bad horse?Why do I ride young horses period?At my age? And that I never listen to Drs.I just rush and do whatever I want.The event is cancelled.

I ride for a living. I teach for a living . And I preach saftey on a daily basis.There is nothing safe about working with horses.I was paying full attention when this happened.This was a lovely young horse that I was honored to be given the ride on and if my back was better I'd ride it again.I ride at my age cause I have a huge mortgage and I love it.I bet I am fitter than most young people and spend a lot of time staying that way.Every Doctor that has ever seen me comments on my fitness.And my desire to get better.

I have spent a great deal of time studying anatomy and how to repair,rebuild and strengthen myself and my horses.IU have produced 10 horses to the advanced level of eventing. Peter will be 11.From scratch.I am almost ready to bring my third horse to PSG in dressage from scratch.And am jumping 140 in show jumping.

I believe in my drs. and I do not believe in wasting time. I know about pain and fear and I think that makes me a better teacher.I have a gift for course design because I think like a horse.I do what people tell me.(If I respect and trust them....few and far between)

Spreading rumours about the horse trials is just plain cruel and stupid. Especially when it comes from people that are in the business itself.we are honored to have a place in the USEA omnibus and offer a great competition.All one has do do is come here and see the conditions and you will know we know what we are doing.

I have trained with the best in the world ,all over the world.And I look forward to lots more training. We must never stop learning.

So go out there and learn.Keep yourt mouth shut and your ears open. Love your horeses and your sport for as long as you can no matter what. I know I do.....Sit up,sit back and Ride Better!

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Tanya said...

YAY Lellie! Can't wait for the horse trial! I know you won't be running it but I hope you get to get out and watch it fly by! Get well soon!
Tanya (and Duke)