Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Welcome to My New Blog!

Here goes...The first blog. After a sucessful spring season of eventing culminating with the Area III championships, all my eventers, Pickles, Next Dancem and Peter Pan (also known at farm as the Three Devils) have been spending a hot summer hacking in the Hitchcock Woods and practicing LOTS of dressage and show jumping in our ring at home. Hopefully this work will strengthen our base for the fall season.

Riverdance has switched hats. He will soon be wearing the top hat and tails of an upper level dressage horse. Can you believe it! WE are learning things I never thought possible and having a GREAT time. It is a complete honor to ride him and learn this new balance. I still cannot speak about River without tears of gratitude and joy. He is a horse of a lifetime for me and together we are going to conquer those pirouettes and tempi changes! Currently my goal is mastering the extensions. It is still hard to keep River connected to planet earth as he LOVES to fly! Patience HMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

I also am proud to announce that I have gotten on board with a great new product called Steadfast, produced by Arenus. I really think this has helped my horses and they also are helping my team get to the competitions in style. I am excited and delighted to promote the product that has helped my boys look and feel terrific. Not only has it helped them look and perform at their best but I think it is helping them cope with the many stresses of competition and travel. To me, managing stress is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and for our horses' atheletic performances. Please vist my website and click on the Arenus link for more information regarding Steadfast!

Lots happening at Paradise. We have about 15 horses in training. Needless to say, days are full. As I mentioned earlier, the Three Devils are all quailified for the American Eventing Championships in Illinois in September, but I am torn between going there (a very long way to travel in today's economy) or going to Chatahoochie Hills in nearby Georgia. Currently I am leaning toward the latter. However, I have a meeting with Arenus this Friday and they just might change my mind! Stay tuned...

To prep for those competitions I am aiming the three devils at a local event as an easy go to get them back into the fall season. We're not sure when River's coming out will be.

The Aiken Hounds have been excercising all summer in the Woods but we are concurrently cross training them for syncronized swimming and relay at the Paradise Farm pool on Wednesday mornings. Not only are the hounds getting a workout, but many of our members and friends (and their horses) also are vying for spots on the team. Our current star would have to be Mrs. Karen Dempsy followed closely by Ms. Dawn Beckering, our new hunt secretary!

The foxhunter safety clinics start up again Aug.16-17. We have 5 groups this year. There is a lot of interest and buzz in Aiken about it and the the clinics have really grown. We are especially pleased this year with the new entry of the "MEN'S ONLY" group. So ladies better LOOK OUT this season!

Stay tuned for further "Adventures in Paradise!"

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