Friday, August 22, 2008

River Dance to Tower-Ready for take-OFF!

I am starting this blog in the dressage ring. No,don't go away... I have to tell you, I have ridden around Rolex four times, and all around Europe on many different horses - and what I am now learning about dressage has me as fired up as any cross country course has ever made me.

What a challenge to learn about such a high degree of control and communication with my horses. (Emphasis here being placed on the word learning) When I get Big Riverdance sitting down to get ready for a medium trot it is like sitting on a 747 getting ready for take-off! I come around that corner and baby get ready to go for a ride! Just writing about the feelings he gave me yesterday gets me all choked up. I can barely mention River's name without getting a frog in my throat. He gave me some tempi changes yesterday that got me so excited I had to pull up. I couldn't take any more!

The Devils were also very good. They are not allowed out of their respective cages. We are hammering away at calm, forward and straight. They begin their fall season this weekend at a local combined test...

Another goal of mine is to jump River around a 4 foot course without drama. We're getting close. I am having some jumping lessons next week...

I had a wonderful one on one lesson with one of my new male foxhunter saftey victims (I mean participants).What a star! Do you know how important this is to have people actually looking for help with their riding, and then even enjoying a flat lesson? It is so important for the rider to get that look of "wow, I actually felt that !" Learning new tools is very exciting for me, and to be able to pass these things on to our local friends is an honor. I can't wait for the men's group in the woods this weekend. Ladies look out... and stay tuned!

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