Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lucinda is coming!

Lucinda green is coming to Paradise june 7-8 and I am happy to say we have filled the clinic with all kinds of riders.Lucinda is in my opinion THE BEST TEACHER of cross country riding I have ever seen.Her technique is extremely unique aimed at RIDING THE SAFE WAY!!!!

She has taught me more about not just riding but teaching and what is really important at getting riders and their horses confident and connected.And thats what its all about.Her lessons are the foundation for all my teaching both with the eventers and foxhunting safety clinics a like.Good riding is good riding no matter what discipline.

We have been a little bit naughty here at Paradise and have been practising before her majesty's arrival.We are not really supposed to do that as she wants to see things go a muddle so people can fix them.But I wanted to assure a few new people and green horses that they will survive to avoid anxiety and drama so we had a practice session the other day which was a riot and very productive.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than having people call me on my cell squeeling about their lessons and that I did it ,I get it feeling."Sorry to bother you but I just had to call!!!!!"You all have no idea how much that helps me get on the tenth horse of the day or back on the mower.

Yesterday (monday) we took a string of five eventers to the woods to just hack and have a stretching,marching day for 2 hours in the woods.I try to do that twice a week if I have enough riders.The point is to get the horses to march up and down hills working walk,not wandering aimless walk.It makes the riders ride ther whole time and its great for the horses to have an outing.The point is a combination of working,stretching and relaxation.

We had had an uneventful ride (except for Peter Pan doing constant airs above the ground)until we came to a large puddleOne of the four year olds took extreme exception to crossing this large ocean and WOULD NOT GO!!!!!!We were truely stuck for about 15 minutes.The rider was purple with exaustion and frustration .I sat there laughing my head off knowing the feeling and also knowing she would get through it.The other riders looked away sheepishly and I barked,next time it may be you so pay attention!

Anyway I told the rider to ride the challenge the way she was jumping skinneys the other day.To ride the tube with her ankles seat and hands.I call it channeling.Her horse LEPT in, flying way out to the side into the trees nearly decapitating the rider.OK thats part of it,now go straight.HOLD on,don't lean forward and make sure you look where you want to end up!.Pretty scary when you have zero control over a terrified obstanant baby giant Irish horse.(big boy).So then she got her steering under control and we got him to stand in the water.Then all was right with the world.

The horse simply did not undertand the question and wanted no part of it.So we broke it down til he said Oh is that all you wanted?

Lucinda's tube.The concept of walking not launching is key.Horse and rider found communication and confidence with each other.Relief and understanding were enormous.The rider REALLY LEARNED how to put her ringwork into place in the woods.GREAT.THATS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT!!!!!!!

Also it was great teamwork on the part of all the other horses and riders.That is something that is also very important here at Paradise.We all work together as a team.No one is ever left out.

So it was a very happy day.That four year old is jumping this week at Full gallop.We'll see if the rider remembers anything.I think she will. Stay tuned.

This weekend should be fun.We have about 10 horses going.I am riding 5.I have two prelims,one training and two beginner novices.Hope the old grey mare (me) can keep up with the big guns!I think we have about 20 helpers too.We are going to need them!

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