Sunday, May 31, 2009

Full Gallop Horse Trials

Thanks to a great team of helpers,we made it through a busy day.All in all I rode 5 horses in three divisions and had a few students there and we all made it home safely.

Lara did an excellent job at schedualing all the rides and I even had time to sit in a chair a few times and have a drink!

I think Pickles got the star of the day award.He tried his hardest not to get nervous in the dresage work and again (after Chattahootchie Hills)I was very proud of his composure.He does not let go enough for lengthenings to be true but good things come to those that wait.(Whats another 5 years!)But his Show jumping and XC were without fault and I felt it was very easy for him and he was happy.He finished 2nd.I was delighted and he got tons of cookies and apples and carrots afterwards.

Peter Pan was very good in dressage but at the last halt ,left a leg out andI went to catch it and he said,Oh rein back again?No problem.Naughty Boy!But he is really getting to be fun betwen the boards.I thought the Show Jumping track was enormous for Peter.They only put it down one hole from the IP and it was definately the biggest thing Peter had ever seen.I had two down.One was from my right knee whacking the wing standard hard enough to demolish the jump.I think he cleared it but I tore it down,then I rattled the double as I was a mess.Fortunately we regained our composure to jump the rest clear.I left the ring knowing I have a lot of homework to do but that Peter can jump the biiger jumps if I can get in the middle!

There were two first time questions for PP on the XC.A downhill skinney to two drops to a chevron thing and he handled it really well.Then a bounce that was made of two beautiful round roll tops encouraging great jumping.The ground at Full Gallop was VERY VERY Hard and I didn't fancy blasting them over it.I could feel them stinging and I did not over push for speed.Peter finished fourth in his first prelim.I was delighted.

Harry had his first outing of the year and was good in dressage though the footing in the ring was challenging to say the least.I did not push in there.As it was my first go due to my leg and scratching him from Chatt Hills I ran him training but this is the last for him.I made a BAD error and was not straight to the skinney in show jumping and tapped it out.My fault entirely,sloppy riding.The rest was ok but I need to tighten up.An expensive rail that dropped him down to eventual 7th place.His XC was clean and fast but I wish I had had him in the prelim.I feel he is ready and will jump better with the bigger jumps.

Cinder was a super star in the BN though he tripped a few times in the dressage ring.He was a tiger in the jumping and I wish I had had him in the novice or maybe even the training.He is such a great little jumper! GREAT FUN!!!!! He will make a SUPER horse for someone.A REAL PACKER!!!!! He finished in 3rd place.Yea cinder!

And Spotty was good for his first event.It is interesting how things can change from schooling at home to a party.We had a few wobbles and bobbles.But he went.A great horse for the future.

Beth and Layton also had great rides and went home smiling and confident.Thats what its all about.

So thankyou to all .Barbie, the uber meister kept everyone on their toes for sure.It felt great to have so many rides.lLike the old days.I am far better when I don't have time to think.

Stay tuned:Next Stop Champagne Run,Kentucky.

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