Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Wonderful Day

This is a better way to start than the last blog! Yesterday (Sat. Aug 22) ,a large group of us went to the PSJ schooling horse show. We had all sorts of combinations go and had a great time. Ms. Cameron ,my god daughter, a.k.a. mini me.rode Lizzie Quinns super pony Dylis (welsh for reliable) in the walk trot division. She came out with a first,second and third place ribbon,good enough for reserve champion. There were lots of kids in her class.Seeing the pride in her face was enough to keep me going for a while. Her family was there,lots of pictures and carrots and treats for Dylis! Then Lizzie had two clear rounds in the cross rails. A huge deal for both of them as she had never jumped in the ring before.I can't wait to see them bombing around the hunter trials in October.

Amy and George Zaiser came down and did double duty with Folly the wonder mare.Folly won two of her three classes and was third in the other in the level ones and twos.Amy jumped with huge confidence. Amy is another key member of this years broken leg club.It is such a huge accomplishment to get back in the ring after her severe set back.George bombed around the hunter ring. It was very hot and he was an extreme sport to finish his three classes under such grueling conditions.Ali came and rode the pants off Amy's other horse Ritchie. It was wonderful to see him jump so well.He also came out of the ring with several ribbons in the 3'6" division.

I rode Beth Huddleston's young Irish horse Phinneaus in the low hunters and was second in both rounds. We were extremely surprised and delighted. I get very nervous riding the hunters!

Poor Ann wasn't able to get in the ring with Norman as he whacked a leg warming up, but had a great time exposing him to another show. His day will soon come as they are bonding more and more with each ride.

Everyone hard work is really paying off.There were lots of people at the show.It is becoming more and more apparant to me that schooling shows are what people really want.

That is the subject of a different blog entirely.This blog wants to say how much fun everyone had,including myself!I love to see everyone enjoying their horses so much and riding so well.It makes all the hard work well worth it.

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