Sunday, September 20, 2009

Paradise Farm Horse Trials

We were blessed with perfect weather for the horse trials.It was just the right amount of cloud cover and not too hot.The weather Gods were kind to us as we had just the right amount of rain a day before to make the ground perfect for the horses.Though the grass shot up as was a bit longer than we anticipated.

The event ran smoothly.Everyone got in and out on time and seemed pleased with all the courses. Show Jumping caught out a bunch of riders.I have really enjoyed my time studying about course design and look forward to contiuing my education with this and cross country design.I plan to put the Preliminary and Training level show jumping down in the sand arena next February and see how that goes and leave the lower levels up on the grass.

The cross country course looked great as always. I had so many friends come out and help restain and decorate the fences. We used oak this year to stuff the brush jumps(all 7 of them).This worked really well ,creating big bold galloping jumps from the horses.We had some new combinations on the Preliminary cross country courses this year. Again,I was very pleased with the way these rode.People made great decisions out on the cross country and used their heads out there. It was a pleasure to watch.

We ended up with 107 starters,a number I was WELL relieved to see.I am so thankfull to all that finally entered.It was very touch and go.Hopefully this will be a bit smoother next year in that department.

So now it's on the The Aiken Hounds Hunter Trials ,Sat. Oct 3rd. WE'll change the courses around a bit and that should be great fun.I am hoping to get back on my horses this week and get back to normal.

Again my greatest thanx to all that came to the event in every capacity.


jon said...

It's fabulous to hear the weekend went well, and to hear you sounding happy about it. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

What a great day at Paradise! The courses were rolling and put up with the best of standards! The footing was excellent as always. The stadium course was a great challenge! I know from talking too many of the competitors that they too thought the same as I. The cross country at Paradise has to be the best in the area! The fences are decorated and constructed with such great care and it really shows.

Anonymous said...

im glad the horse trials went well!!! it will be fun to be out again when i have a horse that isnt so green that jumping 5 fences in a course is a miracle!