Saturday, October 31, 2009

Back in Business

In looking at the date of my last blog,it's hard to believe another moth has flown by.Thanks to all of you that have asked me to continue writing. I really do enjoy it.

The Horse Trials was a sucess but a few things happened that were unforseen but very imformative. As my initial course designer proved to be a disaster,so in fact did my dealings with her replacement. I knew I'd be in for a little drama when I asked Julie Zappapas to step in as course designer at the last minute but what I in fact got was a giant surprise.

I was made privy to the fact that my courses were as unfriendly as I am and that was the reason my entries have been so low.Not only are my jumps unattractive but they have no flow,are ugly , all the same color and placed in the wrong places.I would like to add that each of the four course designers that have made improvements to the courses here were also penalized and criticized.Then, I was given a session on how to improve my personal skills with people free of charge.I was also given a synopsis of my teaching skills and style .

This is what kept me from writing.So in combination of having now two local organizers telling people not to come to the event,it is now entirely clear why Aiken's finest don't show up.Now I have decided to tell that story I can get on with more fun topics and put all that in the garbage can.More people to add to my list of vapoizeees.Zap.

I am sure that Ms. Zappapas will be happy to know I will be aiming for my own liscence very soon without her offered help.She was so gracious to offer me her ideas on all the how to's of design that she has accumulated over the many years. One can certainly tell by all the changes and variations made to her own tracks over the past ten seasons or so.

The USEA doesn't seem to have a problem with the way I teach ,nor the British Horse Society,nor the German program.The people at the many clinics I am asked to go to seem to have a great time and so do I.

The horses I am riding are progressing nicely and life on the farm is great.I can't wait to go to Poplar and Pine Top with the Devils and River is screamingly fun to ride.We have a fantastic group of people coming for lessons,some nice horses for sale and all is well.

I was surprised by what I heard about myself,the way the horse trials is run,and how Paradise has SUCH a bad reputation.I had no idea. Boy am I glad to know all this now!We try hard here to be positive and do the best we can. We constantly work with other professionals and travel and seek as much outside imformation on the current trends and ideas that are out there. I have had some of the best riders in the world come visit this farm,ride in the event,teach clinics and gallop around my cross country course and I was astounded at the huge amount of negativity and crtitism I received free of charge.I was sorry to know there had been such animosity aimed at this beautiful place.It is not something I ever thought would happen.

.Everyone has an opinion, they're just like...................................................Wonder if those two want my opinion.....................ya think?


sallie perry said...

We are so blessed to be able to have our horses, compete at horse trials, trail ride or volunteer at horse shows it really makes me sad to hear this.  I am so grateful for farm owners like Lellie who put so much time, money, effort and their hearts into hosting  horse trials.  With all that is going on in this world, surely we could live peaceably with our neighbors.........

Lellie said...

I couldn't agree more.Surely Lellie has supported all the local venues with mulitiple horses and students over the years.Keep it professional,not personal.

Lellie said...

The previous reply was not from Lellie herself, but written on her computer.I am a huge supporter of Paradise Farm and Lellie and back her 100%.

Anonymous said...

I think there is ONE place in Aiken that has true standards when it comes to eventing. If you want a place where emphasis goes into EVER aspect of the event from the moment you arrive until leaving the event it has to be Paradise Farm. If anyone thinks that the courses at Paradise are not flowing, perhaps their course designing skills are not up to par. I'd much rather gallop around paradise then half to gallop on hard footing or around grounds that are uneven where I have to pull my horses up...anyhow, I enjoy Paradise to the fullest and keep up the great work Lellie!!! . . . its not personal...its not personal...