Monday, November 30, 2009

Aiken Hounds Opening Meet

I always wake up on a holiday morning with a warm and fuzzy feeling.For some reason ,I do not think about all the pressures of the business and farm,or what needs to be done with the eventers,lessons,bills ect..Even though it was a very early pull from my nice warm bed to go out and get the horses ready for hunting,I knew it was going to be a beautiful day. And it was.

This year was easier for me than years past as I only had two horses to braid and we had everything ready the night before.I have had many a scattered morning before our opening hunt chasing people around looking for stock ties boots and who knows what. This year Barbie and I were very civilized,left right on time and were in our standard parking spot with time to spare.

It was a beautiful day,perfect temperature. We've had really nice color in the woods this year and Memorial gate is such a special place.I love to see the people come down there and really enjoy the pagentry of this special occasion.The children look up to the horses with stars and magic in their eyes.I think I like that the best.I love to see the families walking down to the gate. Young and not so young at all people take the time out of their busy lives to see the horses and hounds.It really is a tradition for so many of the towns people to come see the hunt off.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Aiken Hounds livery is the prettiest there is. Our green coats and very well turned out staff were truely magnificent.I felt tradition had not been let down in anyway this year.We had two great drags.The hounds spoke beautifully and stayed true to the lines.Three large fields enjoyed the day and as usual we ended up in the show ring,this year with drinks and nibbles!

I love to see the exiliration on everyones faces at the end of opening meet.We all have tons to be thankful for.Just being able to get up early and go do that is enough for me.I hope Mrs. Hitchcock got to look down on us last Thursday from above. I think she would have approved of what she saw.

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