Sunday, November 1, 2009

Whiskey Road Opening Meet

Who can believe it's already November first.Christmas is just around the corner again!Halloween was great fun this year,the night ended late and the morning came far too soon. It was chillier than normal today and half of me really wanted to stay in the sack but today was Whiskey Road's Opening Meet and I had a horse to get ready and find the new fixture.

In my great efforts to be early,boy was I ,arriving onsite at 7 am!The day was perfect for hunting and Mr. Weldon Wyatt's place was magnificent. A good crowd showed up. The blessing was uneventful and off we went. I rode Spencer today and he was a perfect gentleman the entire time.The hounds spoke beautifully. The countryside this year is very colorful. WE had lovely views of the hounds all day but no quarry.There was just enough galloping to make it really fun. Especially when one's horse was being such a Cadillac to ride.I had a blast.

The breakfast was delicious. Everyone piled their plates high.No one left hungry.Great weather,people, horses,hounds and delicious food.The season has begun .Look out waistband.Thankyou Whiskey Road!

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