Wednesday, December 9, 2009

That Finally Found It Feeling

Yesterday,I was helping out a friend with her horse and I saw them get that finally found it feeling.All of a sudden God let her in to find all the necessary buttons to get her horse lined up enough to feel the magic. She saw the light.She knew where she was. She knew what she was looking for.She felt safe!

The safe place. Isn't that what we are all looking for? Just last week this same girl was on the floor,brushing wet sand off her breeches as her horsey went flying for the gate.I got on and changed his opinion a bit,but what I really did was try to realign him physically and mentally.Most of the time when we have issues with our horses it boils down to three things. The three most basic requirements of survival and progress are CALM ,FORWARD and STRAIGHT!This horsey was lacking in all three of those catagories.

Once we can manage to "line up the bones" I call it,usually the head falls into place( both literally and figuratively!)Once we can find the hindquarters ,barrel,shoulder we can usually have the neck and the front end. This does not only apply to high powered riding but to everything.

I am having the best time climbing all sorts of ladders with my own horses but I spend the majority of my time teaching young horses and green riders.This is what I teach them. To get lined up ad most issues take care of themselves thereafter.This is what I try to teach myself.That old straight line hits you in the face all the time.

Anyway, my friend found it yesterday.She has been through a lot with this horse.The same stuff we all go through.Serious expense both financially and mentally.I have seen the frustration on her face and heard it in her voice. But this woman has hung in there.

Yesterday she saw the beginning of the way out.That finally got it feeling!She dared her horse to spook.She had him.She knew what to do. Horses go like people ride them. No question. Well this girl really rode him yesterday. I was so proud to see it. I was so thrilled to see her confidence and that CLEAR expression of I own this ride.It was a definite wow day.

I am so sad to have seen many people give up. Riding takes so long.Just when you think you've got it,something goes wrong.There are no quick fixes.The safe place is a magic place. When you can set your hands down and open your fingers over a four foot oxer. Or be brave enough to release your hand once in each movement of a dressage test.When you can ride in balance. When your horse WANTS to stretch.Those are the wow moments.Those are what we are looking for.

I am so happy for my friend. I know her joy.She deserves it. The horse was smiling too!It was clear he knew he was in the right place.All was right with the world.All I can say is "Good on ya".Mission accomplished.Now ,the fun really begins!

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Ann said...

Hey Lellie,

Since this blog post is most likely about me and my Normie I want to take the opportunity to let you know how much your help and encouragement has meant to me over the last year and 1/2...

I always tell myself that Norman is probably the horse I should have had 25 years ago when I was younger and braver... but what can I say? I fell in love.....

You are right.. it's been a struggle at times... As you say, "Norman is a serious horse" and that can mean different things on different days... :)

But throughout our journey together, you have always been there as an encourager, cheerleader, and butt kicker when needed. My safety and progress has always been your top priority.

I have wathched you live, breathe and "walk the talk" every single day... with amazing results. And although I'll be the rider you are, I know that I'm becoming the best rider that I can be. Norman demands it of me and I want it for myself cause the better I can ride the longer I can ride... and that's the goal at this point!

You are simply the best. Everything you've ever told me has been invaluable (and saved my !@*#$ many times over!) Yesterday was like the missing piece of the puzzle...just a few pointers from your side of the arena and "presto" my horse is listening and just amazing... such a feeling!!

So thanks again for everything... I am so lucky to have landed in "Paradise" Keep doing just what you're doing... just the way you're doing it... it's magical.