Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Aiken Hounds Christmas Hunt

A few years ago,we established a new tradition of having a meet of the Aiken Hounds at the beautiful Green Boundary Club.For some of "older guard",the "GB" as we fondly call it holds many memomories.My personal favorite is running around as a junior terrorist and putting saran wrap over the toilet seats in the rooms,short sheeting beds, and setting off fireworks outside and then hiding in the trees at night while Aiken's finest was trying to have a high time.

Now, as a much more civilized Joint Master of Hounds, I have simplified my routine to dressing up like a big fat Santa and parading around during our GREAT Christmas meet at the "GB".The Santa suit basically started on a dare and now how turned into a spectacular annual event.This year we had a group of singing angels,complete with halos and beautiful wings ,three wise men,many elves,Mrs. Claus was there(much too thin).There were antlers, thousands of bells,miles of tinsel and a sea of bright red that complimented the traditional green coats our more sedate staff members wore.

Crossing Whiskey road must really be a sight. Looking back down beautiful Berry road ,seeing all the beaming faces is another great Christmas present to me.People really had fun.I do believe,the horses and hounds enjoyed it too.

We had a nice hunt with three drags. The weather was absolutely perfect. How lucky we are to live here and be able to do this.The sound of my huge sleigh bells round the neck of my galloping horse kept perfect time.It was pure magic.

Afterwards,we met again at the GB where we started and had far too much to eat and drink as usual.Many thanks to all our unmounted members and friends that put on the huge spread we all enjoyed so much!

I raced home in my suit of red as there was no time to change and went straight out to my big ring and started teaching upon arrival back at the mother ship.I'm sure the people that drive by Paradise Farm get a kick out of what they see go on in that ring. One NEVER knows what will be happening out there!

So it was another great Christmas Hunt.WE are so lucky. First our opening day on Thanksgiving a hugely traditional special day,then Christmas,then the Horse Show in the woods and then our Hound races,then the Hunter Trials and we start it all up again!Who could want anything more.

Merry Christmas to all.Ho Ho Ho

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