Sunday, March 28, 2010

From Sunday To Sunday To Sunday

Three weeks ago, I jumped down off my beloved Pickles with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat, threw my arms around his neck with the biggest hug I could muster and promsed him it would be alright with me if he was last in dressage for the rest of his life as long as he jumped like he did that day. He rolled his eyes at my melodramatic promises and said "yea right", to himself I am sure.

The following week,after the most gallant of battles, I lost him to colic. Again I threw my arms around him and told him it was all going to be ok. HE did the same for me.

This weekend Barby and I had to load the trailer for Pine Top without him and we were in tears for the entire process. We can't even clean the tack or roll the bandages without having to stop and take a huge breath. Barby said she felt completely out of sorts all week. Something was missing. She was right. It was Pickles.

Tawn Edwards was so kind and sent the most beautiful white flowers with words that spoke the truth. Though Pickles was gone, I now had to take care of my other devils and not let them down. This was a secret message from above sent via Tawn and it hit me in the head like a bat.

Though we only had two instead of three devils on the hoof, Pickles was definately with us.In fact I am COMPLETELY POSITIVE he GALLOPED past the dressage ring behind the judge and MOONED Peter Pan as Peter stopped dead in his tracks at X and REFUSED to go forward for what seemed an eternity! We are SURE it was Pickles. I went from my elegant dressage seat to the full crowbar position usually reserved for the leaf pit at Burghley to try and proceed past C. I was able to recover the rest of the dressage test , leaving Peter a credible third behind Amy Tryons lovely horses.

We were happy with Harry's test. He is a love and not quite as much of a challenge as Peter, although he did catch me with my gaurd down in Florida two weeks ago!

Pickles left us alone in show jumping. Both boys had double clears which was exciting.

I had 7 times faults with Harry on the cross country. I still have some tiny balance issues to the jumps that take me extra time. Who cares.I definately think we have a horse for the future. Harry finished his class in third. Wow, great!

Pickles showed himself again about three strides out of the start box for Peters cross country round. When one has a great rapport with a horse, it feels as if your partner can read your mind. River was a mind reader at the biggest combinations this country has to offer. He would gallop up to them, sight them and just clearly say, "got it" and go. My favorite field hunter Charlie Ferrari is a complete mind reader. I could follow hounds on him with both of us blindfolded. The security of an experienced horse is truely a great feeling, like dancing with Fred Astaire......(Heaven, I'm in heaven.........)

Peter Pan had Pickles in his back pocket today. He never missed a lick and bombed around making the time and winning the class. Peter was a mind reader today. I am very ecited about moving him up a class and hope he contiues on this path! We couldn't believe it. We all cried at the finish.We all cried all day. We cried in the office. Everyone everywhere all weekend was so kind.

So this Sunday has brought us back up again. We did this for my friend. We did this for my teacher. Pickles has passed his great spirit and knowledge onto these younger devils. He taught them well. Thankyou Pickles.

Thankyou to everyone out there. What a ride...Stay Tuned!