Monday, March 22, 2010

More About Pickles

I spent a quiet day yesterday here at Paradise. I needed to be alone with just my friends.I was selfish and wouldn't even let Barby come to work.Pickles was laid to rest in a place of honor and I spent a lot of time with him.I have polished his halter and it hangs now in my office next to the most gallant picture of Riverdance jumping the A frame oxer at Rolex.One of the most significant memories of my life.The gleam of the brass now on my wall is a reminder from heaven to appreciate and feel the love and the knowlegde these horses have allowed me to experience.

The out pourring of love that has been sent to us here at Paradise has been overwhelming. Once again I must express my greatest thanks to everyone out there that is involved with the crazy journeys of the devils and life on this farm.

Pickles definately made an impression. He was so comlicated. He was such a worrier,just like me.I know I made him crazy at times,like I do everyone else. But I knew one day we would get together and we did.And now I know through him that If I really do wait long enough ,other things will work out too.

There were so many times I wanted to give up.There were so many times I could not unlock the door or even believe there was key for the door. There were so many days I would promise not to get in a mess with Pickles only to end up in a puddle of anxiety,depression,frustration.Why?Why? Why can't I get it right with this horse?What kept us in such a mess?

Pickles would often rear straight up. He could go up straight from the canter or a standstill.yet he was the quitest,most well mannered fellow on the ground. He definately spoke to me. It took me so long to hear him.

The main thing is I hear him now.I feel he gave me a big key yesterday.

The key is to be grateful and happy with what is and not what should be.The key is if you want to ride or even live a day you better shut up and wait for it and enjoy it while it is there.

To be able to ride with an open hand and not have to restrict and prevent the flow of the gait.We create all this stuff ,then won't let it happen.Really stupid.

Pickles is teaching me to open my hand. He is teaching me timing.He is teaching me about size of stride.I have let my strides be to big and strung out for too long.I will work hard to honor my teacher and my friend. I do not like the words half halt. I prefer almost walk.

My rides today will be in the honor of my teacher.I hope everyone learns to honor their horses as well.We are so lucky.I am looking forward to more conversation from my teacher.He is making me stronger.I will be better for this. Thankyou Pickles.I love you always.


LC-B said...

Good God, Lellie, do you know how well you write?

Pickles may have given you more than you realize...he certainly di for all who care about you.

Love you,

gyhnd3 said...

Lellie, I am so sorry for your loss of Pickles. I, like so many others, know the pain and hole in our hearts from losing a beloved horse and friend. It is amazing how much we learn in hindsight from them once they are gone but I believe it makes us a better rider and friend to our next partner. May Pickles rest in peace.

Debbie Rose

Arthur said...

Horse = Heros......