Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Once upon a time there was girl that was horse crazy. She thought about horses and riding all the time. She dreamt of riding in the Olympics and almost made it. Nothing stopped her. Not even sixty four broken bones , or being told twice that she would not walk again. This horse crazy girl had it bad. Her madness is undoubtedly terminal.

This horse crazy girl traveled around the world working with all kinds of horses. Race horses, polo ponies, hunters , jumpers but she loved eventing the most. In her travels, our girl worked hard to be able to climb the ladder of success. There were many great moments and many that were hard and sad.Throughout it all the desire to learn to ride better and understand horses never ceased.That was never an issue. Most of the time, it was in fact not the horses themselves that made things unpleasant and difficult. It was other people.

Our horse crazy friend knew the only way she could continue her journey with her horses was to make the horses her livelihood. So she began teaching and riding horses for other people. She drove trucks, walked hots at polo games, galloped racehorses ,washed, clipped, scrubbed , you name it. She (reluctantly) sold many of her very good horses to carry her through to the next phase of her journey. All for the sake of her thirst for knowledge, and her love of the horses.
It was a horse called the Travelling Man that was sold to Mr. Bruce Davidson that led our girl to buy a farm she called Paradise.The name came from the Isle of Wight and happy times.The land was perfect for an event. So this crazy horse girl became even crazier and dedicated the next phase of her life to building up the farm and hosting a Horse Trials.

Our crazy girl was so lucky to have been associated with some of the finest riders and teachers all over the world. She was raised to be an athlete and honor sport. She made an effort to watch and listen and learn where ever she could. She collected programs from all over competitions in Europe to remember the types of jumps she saw on the courses. Who knew she would develop a huge interest in course designing herself later on.

So the Events began at Paradise Farm. It is hard for the average person to even imagine the dedication it takes to pull off a competition on ones own farm with ones own money. Our crazy horsey girl had no idea herself. She was in fact completely certifiable for thinking she could manage this all on her own. But she did. (Along with TONS of FRIENDS, SPONSORS and OUTSIDE ASSISTANCE!!!!)

The events were well received by the eventing world. The courses were deemed challenging but fair. Many of the countries top riders came to compete at Paradise. Most of the time things were very pleasant and the competitions were run like a well oiled machine.

This story is about a little toad that came to one of the competitions and tried to be a very naughty, slimy little green monster. She was a girl toad, but she was not at all a lady . She was an ugly,gnarly,with nasty horns and bumps all over her. And she thought she was a special toad.

From the minute she arrived on sight to the minute she left, she drug herself around complaining, leaving a trail of disgusting slime behind her. She was rude to officials, volunteers, and the farm staff. Her behaviour was obvious to the officials and she was in fact eliminated from the competition several times for numerous infractions. Each issue was met with lies and a horrible croaking attitude that was almost laughable. Have you ever heard a toad croak with a British accent? Well, this toad has one!

Paradise continued to host one of the nicest events held so far. The weather Gods anointed the beautiful farm with perfect weather,footing and camaraderie for all except our little toadette.She was not a happy toad.She was a very naughty toad. She behaved VERY BADLY.

So the event finished and everyone went home happily ever after, except our slimy, bumpy, ugly, grumpy, horny toadette.

A week later our toadette decided she was going to stop her check. She felt she did not have to pay for the privilege of riding at Paradise Farm.She thought she was special. She felt she did not have to pay because she had broken no rules and was falsely accused .She in fact went on to question most of the officials and their decisions for a very lengthy time after the event with our National Federation. The officials are all licensed , experienced people that were respectfully asked to be at the event to share in the love of our sport and the horses. Our toadette was very disrespectful to the officials. But that is not anything our horse crazy girl could be a part of. She was just the organizer and landowner. She had no official capacity in any political decision making regarding the breaking of toadettes rules.That was for the big guns to decide.

When the naughty toadette decided to withdraw her money from the competition, that did effect the horse crazy organizer. The toadette was very naughty and disorganized and asked the organizer if she could enter her 5 horses way after closing date. The horse crazy organizer tried to be accommodating and let her in.The toadettes behavior was unacceptable.

Huston, we now have a problem.

Riders cannot refuse to pay a competition after they have entered and ridden in that competition. EVEN IF THEY DISAGREE WITH THE OFFICIALS!!!!!!!!

After weeks and weeks of our toadette being a very very naughty toad, she was forced to pay her dues to the competition, thanks to our National Federation. All her efforts to scam Paradise Farm were for naught. Her efforts to not accept her mail, further avoiding responsibility, did not work in her favour. Her efforts to continue to stall payment due by sending an unsigned check was also unproductive. In the end she had to pay.

Our toadette is an experienced competitor and the four star level.She has had many falls from her horse recently and it is believed she does not have control over all her faculties. Poor Toadette.

This toadette will not be allowed to come back to Paradise. She is no longer welcome to school her horses, participate in any clinics or even teach her clients here. She will be escorted off the property should she try and come in future. She is not a good sport.She blatantly lied over and over. Naughty, bad, Toad!

Our horse crazy organizer only wants nice people,that compete for the love of the sport. She does not want naughty toads. Our organizer loves her farm and the sport of eventing and horses ,puppies, and bunnies and butterflies.

So that's the story of the Horse Crazy Organizer and the Naughty toad. Bad toad ......Go away!

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