Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Faces Coming On

I am excited to write about some new faces making their worldly debuts. Barbie has the ride on a good friend of mines horse. The horse was sent to me to ride but she gets on with him so well, it gives me the greatest pleasure to watch her go out there and jump around. Finally I have something that she can have the luxury of trusting and she can find her balance and distances easily. Red has a beautiful jump , one that I would love to take over very big jumps (and I intend to as he gets stronger) but for now it is a gift from God and one I can pass onto Barbie.

Barbie has spent the last three years of her life baby sitting me in every way, shape and form. My stable and horses are immaculate. Her dedication to Paradise farm far surpasses anything I have ever experienced before in my life. Though there are three other EXTREMELY dedicated people that are also part of the team and deserve FULL BLOGS themselves. Dedicated person number two is Antonio Hernandez. He has been with me for five years (and has had three children with number four on the way, which means it isn't all true what people say about me (that I work everyone to death)) Antonio has seen it all.Without him , I would be dead and the farm would be an overgrown mess. Angel number three, Dr. Linda Hickey. I have worked with lot's of great vets,but I have never ever ever seen anyone more dedicated to their practice. Honorable mention goes to her husband Howard that has to put up with her schedule. She is busier than I am and that is not easy. Angel number four is my farrier Antonio Sambrano who gets weekly panic calls from us and helps us anytime. He is always cheerful ,on time and helpful. He listens to this group of cackling hens at Paradise and does his job.He has been tested out completely. Peter Pan alone has tested us all out. Antonio does not fit into the grumpy farrier syndrome .I have a special criteria for farriers and he has fit them all. Not easy to do.I shan't write what they are..........

Ok,,, I digress. Back to the new faces.Anne has been slogging away with Norman and it is so exciting to see the progress. She is one of those sleepers that struggles at home and goes in the ring and aces it all.Right now, she is stepping it up to the serious flying changes and adjustability thing. She and Norman are soon going to be a pair to be reckoned with.

I have three seriously nice youngsters coming along. Not sure of their futures. Katrina is a lovely filly,very uphill . A Four year old that shows a lot of talent. I am very excited about her. Ping Pong is another Argentinian TB gelding only 5 and is pure fun. Very brave and put together very well. Rasta, Lynda Clary Burkes horse is a dream to ride. Thank goodness Lynda is out of her neck brace but I am having Tanya Harding dreams about having to give this horse back to the owner. Then there is another really fun mare called Bally that is a Conammara cross. I am trying to convince her owner to hold onto her too. These horses all belong to different people so more than likely I'll sell them on to other lucky soles. They will be well worth it when the time comes.

These horses are all ready to go out and face the world. We are heading to lots of smaller shows and riding them in the Hunters (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! my SCARIEST thing!!!!!),the small jumpers and they will all also event a little. More than likely they will all go out with hounds as well.I love giving these new babies lots of experience.It all helps a lot and makes us all better!

So heads up world there are lots of new devils coming on! Stay tuned!

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