Sunday, October 3, 2010

Up and coming Blogs

I have lots to write about.I mentioned Mr. Miagi from the Karate Kid as an inspiration and mentor to me, but I would also like to make mention and give thanks to a local friend and Horseman ,Mr. Mike Sharp for helping me with some great words of wisdom yesterday at my Hunter Trials.His words have also given me a second wind,when I had some pretty flaccid sails.

I must tell you at great length about the FABULOUS day I had Judging The Southeast regional 4-H championships up at Clemson University.This is an important blog that I hope lots of people will take back into their own sports.

I have to report on the American Eventing Championships. They were enormous and well done.

I have to report about Peter Pan's debut in the CIC TWO STAR world YIKES!!!!!!!!Can you believe he is about to go to his first CCI two star?Just this time last year I was barely able to say the "I" word and now there are slight little teeny tiny mentions of the "A "word!(though not for a while yet)

For those of you asking about Harry,He is starting back in work tomorrow! After several months off with a STUPID CUT that wouldn't go away,we are feeling like he can start walking. UGH. Take care of your horses!

And I have a TON of miracle stories about great lessons people have had. Our dear friend GOD has been very active sending great riding messages to our friends. Stay tuned.I have to go to sleep.

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