Sunday, November 7, 2010


So far we've had a beautiful fall in Aiken. The weather has turned. We got a little rain last week that really helped us out. The foliage is great. Lots of colors and the temperature has been quite good for houndwork.

I have been out with Why Worry and today with Whiskey Road for their beautiful opening meet.It's always wonderful to see everyone on opening day. Horses and riders were well turned out and Woody Baxt farm was a perfect venue to start off the year.

I felt very welcomed by both hunts. Everyone said they were delighted to see me out.Guess what I was delighted to be there.I have a stable full of nice horses and have the time right now. I have hunted with hounds all my life and will continue for some time to come.I love horses (obviously) and hounds and houndwork.I love being outside and enjoy the countryside.I was fortunate enough to ride right up with Alan Young that led the field beautifully. He knew every stump and stone out there and was very aware of his field at all times.

I had many flashbacks to the good old days before I went to England,when I hunted regularly with Whiskey Road while riding for John Ellis.The country has changed with developement but there is quite a lot of the old guard still on top of the saddle and we had a rip roaring time today as we did then.

A fantastic breakfast followed with great food and nice people. That's what it's about.I will only get to hunt during Nov. and December this year as I have a lot on the plate already for the future.

I am looking forward to riding with Why Worry as well.More good horses,hounds, people and good times.

I would like to announce in public TO THE WORLD,that I DID NOT EVER RETIRE from hunting as so many seem to think or may have been told.It is not about eventing. Please let me make it clear to all of you out there. I was thrown out of The Aiken Hounds after thirteen years of being a joint master and over 20 years on the staff with no explanation or discussion.As for my being told I was not "allowed to hunt again" ,that is about the best one I have heard so far.Keep dreaming you guys out there.I have finally reached the stage that I can almost laugh.

I have moved on from the AH with sadness for sure. Betrayal,Dishonesty and cowardice is never pretty. It's never pleasant.

But today was. And my time with Why Worry was too.So onwards to great times,more music and happy days.....ARF ARF

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LC-B said...

I'm sure Charlie was quite happy to be galloping after the hounds again...great news to know you're out in the hunt field!