Saturday, November 13, 2010

Seeing That Light

The Horse business is far from easy. Years ago ,when I fell off my great horse The Travelling man ,I came back from the hospital with a knee bigger than my head,and asked Bruce Davidson what I should do? He said sell the horse to me.I did. Long story short,I bought Paradise Farm with my Olympic hopeful.

So one light went out and another big one went on.Paradise Farm. Owning a farm like this can be heaven and it can be straight ,pure hell. Sometimes watching the grass grow is enough to wake me up in the middle of the night in a complete panic attack.Everyday, it is a joke around here to see how much money can be spent before 9 am .It is often in the thousands.

EVERYTHING seems to need repair at the most inopportune time.And I have a fit and say ,,,,"all I want to do is ride.HA HA HA!"Riding is the easy part!If I can calm down long enough to allow myself near the horses. I have learned not to ride at certain times. The horses are too valuable and their brains are far too connected to mine. So sometimes,it's best to read a self help book and calm down.Mowing is thereaputic as is raking,walking ,and working out. Driving for about 12 hours straight will do it too.

Teaching is very theraputic.I love to help other people see the light.I love to be able to help them get through their issues with their horses. As I know how much it means to get to the other side.I know the feelings,the ups and downs. The ups and that moment when someones light goes off is easily visible and makes EVERYTHING else worth it.

Thank God in heaven the teaching is picking up.It was pretty dry for a while,due to very strange circumstances.I am seeing the light more and more. More and more people are out there riding all over Paradise and making the most of their riding time. That's what it is all about.

There are people and horses of all levels here.All anyone needs is interest and effort.In the words of the Hall of Fame polo player(and former employer) Davey Rizzo,,,,"It ain't easy baby".

No it definately ain't easy.But I wish to THANK everyone that comes here for help with their horses.Seeing a new friend cry with happiness at the purchase of her new horse and new friend, made my day.I asked her yesterday what she wanted to do with her horse that afternoon. Her reply was a classic."I want to go on an adventure".So off she went out on her adventure and found some action.Watching this lady transform back into a confident rider is great fun.

Feeling the horses change and grow is very rewarding too.From Peter pan growing into a sucessful two star horse to a young 4 year old filly I have. Fox Hunters. Eventers,jumpers,dressage horses. It doesn't matter to me.When they see that light,it's well worth it.No matter how big or small the job.Calm ,Forward and Straight is what we get a thrill out of around here.

It's great to be feeling good about things again.UGH ,what a year this has been.It is so great to be able to see the light again,instead of being plagued with drama and crap.I am getting stronger again . So to all you toads out there. I hope you can find your lights too as I feel sorry for your darkness.

My biggest light is Pickles.He is there everyday.He is right here in front of me with Percy the chicken on his head.Pickles showed me a real light. I OWE it to him. I PROMISED him I would hold on for him.

Thanks to all,especially big Pics .we love you always.Keep your lights on!

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Anonymous said...

Lellie, its been great watching Peter Pan grow from a skinny baby to such a beautiful, muscled competitor! You have done such a wonderful job with him and all the devils!