Sunday, April 17, 2011

Great Weekend

This was a great weekend.I had some really fun lessons with people that really worked hard and earned the greatest results for themselves.That is very satisfying to me. Last weekend we were at the Fork,with everyone gearing up for FEI competition.The jumps were enourmous and the caliber of horses an riders very exciting.

This weekend most of the jumps were under three feet except for Harry,who confidently went back to prelim, size jumps after my incredibly stupid move at Pine Top a few weeks ago that resulted in a month off!Harry was back to his old self and with the help of Phillip Dutton's words in my ears,I remembered to ride him better..Amazing what a few lessons can do!

But my two lady friends sweated it out for three days resulting in much improved positions that opened up their worlds.One lady ended up going to her first horse show jumping about 8 clean rounds in the hunter and jumpers and my other lady left sitting like a real pro with a lot of new ideas.

It was really great for them. It was really great for their horses and it was really great for me. Working out with my personal trainer has really given me insight into how to control body parts and it corrolates directly into my teaching now.The leg bone is connected to the foot bone etc.Actually having control over one's body parts really make a difference!Seeing everyone so happy and filled with new knowledge makes it worthwhile. I love seeing people gain confidence with their horses.

Teaching and training horses and people can be fun. I had almost forgotten.....

The Eagle has landed.Welcome to America Zidane...Can't wait to go get you. I'll be there very soon.

Next week a big Jumper show for Peter and Harry.Zidane will get a few easy days to settle into his new life.Fingers crossed for an easy week for all. Good Luck at Badminton everyone....

Thanks to all the good wishes from everyone.....

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