Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hey Guys
I've been under ground for a LONG time. Thanks for all the requests for the blogs. I just wasn't able to write.My book will be VERY Juicy I assure you because I plan to leave nothing out.But Blogs are a bit tamer I think for the most part.Therefore it was better I did not write.....

But the world has turned. My dear departed Pickles told me to keep going.His eyes were bright before the light went out and he told me things would work out.And they have and they are.

Peter Pan is turning out to be a star. I am very hopeful and confident that he will make it to advanced. This will be the 11th horse I have made from scratch.Peter came out of a field in Florida. I picked him from a bunch of 40 stragglers.He caught my eye from three paddocks over.I will devote a blog, maybe another book to the story of Peter one day, but today I want to write about something else.Harry is also a very special boy.He is a sensitive fellow that would be a brain surgeon rather than his special forces green beret secret service brother.Harry would sing like Frank Sinatra.He makes all the girls swoon around him.

The MOST HANDSOME SPECIAL MIRACLE MAN OF MY LIFE,Sir Riverdance is still going strong at age 20. His dapples are gleaming this spring and he hasn't lost a beat.I hope we can go to some jumper shows and some dressage competitions soon but funds stop me cold.The young bucks are stealing his money.....Dirty devils..

I am proud to announce Pickles took me to Holland recently and introduced me to a new devil.Gidan will arrive soon hopefully to fill lots of dreams and be my third horse to ride.

I have been looking for a third ride since Pickles left us. I feel very strongly one needs at least three rides at a competition to really ride well.The first ride is almost always a sacrifice.Nerves are often too high,judges are often not really warmed up early in a division,horses are fresh.45 minutes after your first ride you get on and do it again. Things become a little more instinctive. By the time one gets on number three...there's no time to think. That's when the real riding begins.That's when you make the time. That's when the real deal happens.

Going to Holland was one of the best things I have done in a long time.I went with my brother,a very level headed non horsey type that was great with my little Flip camera.We had a whirlwind time.25 rides,a flip camera,no phones,no idea where we were going or what we were going to see or do led me to Gidan.

I will write lots more later about all the horses and the FABULOUS people we met along the way.But now I want to say that this trip was life changing for me.There is NO WAY to know what will happen with my new partner Gidan.There are no guarentees. But I do know that I laughed more in 5 days on this trip than I have in the past 5 years. I know I felt better as a person in Holland with complete strangers and my brother than I have felt here in Aiken in a very long time.The beauty and the magic of that little trip did me the world of good.I really needed to get away from Aiken to regain my perspective.

I returned To Paradise late Monday night.The following Thursday Barbie ,Peter and I were off again to The FORK Horse Trials.This was one of the best events I have ridden in ,in a long time.

My dressage was not good.I had the worst score of Peters career in fact but I left the test with a sense of calm and well being I haven't felt in a long time.Peter was edgy and rusty.....(What did you really expect Lellie?) DUH?????But I KNEW what I needed to do to improve for next time and I KNEW Peter was OK.The cross country was MARVELOUS. Biggest yet for Peter and lots of grown up questions and crowds.PP bombed around looking for more. I NEVER put my foot down and had PLENTY to spare. I am saving up for New Jersey!Show Jumping was confident and rythmical. I had 2 down and ended 15th but had a fantastic time.

I respect eventing. I respect the people that were at the Fork. They were serious.They were on a mission.This event oozes the ambience of an international event in Europe. All the big guns were there.

Calm,Forward ad Straight.If you don't own that you will get caught out.Those three things inspire me.The big tables,The skinneys,the enormous oxers in show jumping don't lie.You cannot ride a shoulder in down the center line infront of the judges and lie.You cannot decieve your horse or yourself. Cheat on your training ,cut corners on your preparation at that level and it will show.You will know and it will follow you home.It will plaque you at the next outing.

I cannot wait for Gidan to arrive. I cannot wait for Harry to get his mojo back.I cannot wait to torpedo around on my supersonic Peter Pan.I cannot wait to jump huge oxers with River in a snaffle on a loose rein.This is what I do it all for.

Thank you Holland. Thank you Fork Horse Trials.Thank you Arenus,Mom,Micheal,Barbie,Antonio,Phillip Dutton,Carol and every one else out there that enjoys Paradise Farm and eventing. Kick on......

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