Thursday, December 18, 2008

Catching Up

It's been over a month now,Can't believe its almost Christmas.Time for a quick review.I wrote a long blog on our trip to Pine Top for their Thanksgiving Horse Trials and it went off to phsyber space instead of on the blog.Without going into all the details,I'll summerize.

I FINALLY made the decision to enter the three devils prelim at Pine Top.For some reason I had tremendous difficulty in makng that decision.The horses were ready and on form.But I had this strange feeling all along.

It rained and rain on the day.Pickles was drawn first at 7.30 or so and was great with his no warm up warm up.I managed not to overdo him and he managed the test without stress.A big deal.Peter Pan charged around the arena with his usual I can do it attitude.He even gave me a rein back.This was special as I had not practiced that enough,considering he had only done less than 10 in his life.Ooops forgot about those.....Harry didn't like the rain and wanted to go back to the trailer.He gave me the test but wasn't his usual rythmic self.

I was very nervous for show jumping and they were great.Peter had a rail going into the fence before the triple but fair enough.It was a busy line with lots to look at.Harry and Pickles jumped lovely clean rounds.I was elated.Once again I managed to ride them forward and put my picking monster to bed.

I withdrew on the Sunday morning at 4.30 am.Text messages and E mails were sent out all over the place.I did not want to risk my boys.They had an exceptional season and I could not live with myself if I had made an error or taken just one too many pulls on the XC.Had I been on the grounds the morning of and been able to feel the footing perhaps my decision would have been different.But it was so dismal at my farm that morning I decided to scratch.

I felt guilty.I had never withdrawn before for those reasons and felt like I was playing hookey from school.Many friends phoned from the event asking why I wasn't there.Even tough I was in the money with all three devils,I couldn't take the chance.

After seeing them all playing in the fields now,fat and hairy,I know I made the right decision.There is always another day.

The devils did a lot this year.Peter Pan has come from a wild bucking bronco to a preliminary eventer in one year.Next Dance has overcome his issues with water and ditches and has gone onto some seriously good dressage work.He honored his stablemate Riverdance.They are stabled next to each other and must talk in the evenings.I can only imagine what River is telling him.Pickles has also had a good year.Aside from MY two errors in show jumping(Forgetting a fence at Tryon and misjudging a distance at Rocking Horse) Pickles has been very consistant in his jumping and his dressage is a work in progress.

I am happy to give them a rest now.we all need it.

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