Monday, December 22, 2008

Lots of Fun and Smiles Part Two

The fun and smiles continued on the next day.At 7.30 am Paradise experience a petite psunami that made us all want to go back to bed, but by 8 am things were looking better.By 9 am I had three very excited riders loaded up in the truck listening to Johnny Cash on the way to the Belvoir Farm Schooling Show for another days sport.

We arrived at the show and got everyone mounted.This was a great opportuntity for our riders as everyone had their own personal missions to accomplish.This was Taylors first horse show with her new horse Spencer.Boyce is an experienced show rider but today she jumped real courses not just cross rails.Her eyes became big as saucers when I set up her first oxer.I saw her take a huge gulp and kicked right on down to it.Within minutes she was bombing around the entire ring,eating up the lines with her fabulous pony Miss Rosey!

George Zaiser arrived on Friday for a casual weekend .There simply is no such thing.Upon arrival I asked him what he wanted to do and he said,I can't get my horses head down.Right then.Two dressage lessons later,he was ready to challenge Anky van Grunsvan on a good day.So naturally without further adieu,day three needed to be a horse show over fences.We simply do not mess around at Paradise!

Taylor went from the Ultimate careful housewife to a ferocious competitor gaining confidence with each round.She an Spencer are extremely well suited to each other earning high praise from our host Mike Sharp.Boyce had bugs on her teeth the entire day.And George went from not being able to get his horses head down,to winning a couple of classes!

We need a wheelbarrow to bring home all the prizes.Everyone won a championship or a reserve.It was simply amazing!

It is SO REWARDING to see my friends having this much FUN with their horses.It absolutely made it a perfect weekend,EVERY bit as exciting as the Rolex Three Day EVENT!

This weekend was my Christmas.I finished the day by putting my farm to bed as everyone that works here is on holiday.I enjoyed taking care of the horses myself for a change as I used to.

With Christmas only a few days away things will be fairly quiet at the farm.I still have a few horses in work and we are still hunting.The only major thing left to do on my list for 2008 is move the years maure pile.What a way to end the year!

All my love and Thanx to everyone.No doubt 2009 will bring more adventures.Stay tuned!

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