Monday, December 22, 2008

From the Top to the Bottom ....AGAIN

Having written the two really fun blogs about the great time we all had last weekend,I merrily strolled downstairs to start the day and now am devasted by a five minute phone converstaion.

Having been filled with thoughts of happiness and huge satisfaction I now want to crawl under a rock or make an emergency phone call to the shrink.Now now Lellie Calm down......

Teaching and working with horses is hugely satisfying for the most part.Having travelled around the globe I have been fortunate to meet many horsemen,some good,some not so good.The good ones have given me tools of the trade,confidence and not only helped my riding ,but have taught me so many life lessons along the way.The bad ones have taught me I do not want to be like them.

Though I am heavily ensconed in the horse world, one lesson taught to me is that there is no amount of money worth your reputation. Misrepresenting either oneself or horses is something that is all too frequently seen.It is hurtful, expensive and most of all dangerous.

I am deeply saddened when I see it happening over and over.Trying to repair is always more difficult and expensive than perhaps paying more at the beginning of an equine journey.

People that enjoy teaching , are willing to help people repair but this teacher wants to scream out loud to riders out there that so much of what happens to them can be avoided!


By practicing the basics with someone that is willing to stand up and REALLY help. Will your teacher ride your horse for you when you don't understand? Will your teacher actually fix problems and teach you how to avoid issues in the future? Will your teacher give you the knowledge to ride with skill instead of luck? Will the person that sold you the horse actually help you when things go wrong? Does that person make you feel like you cannot talk to them about your own issues that keep you up at night because you think they are too busy or famous or can't take the time? Or because you have jumps in your ring you don't teach dressage?

What does Dressage mean?It means TRAINING!!!!!!!! It means you should be able to ride your horse anywhere at anytime, not just between little white boarder fencing. It doesn't only mean Dressage shows and percentage scores.

I am very sad. I hate to see people hurt. I just wrote a blog about big smiles and Fun. I am going to stop this sad blog now and go back and read the other two again in the hopes that I will be able to crawl out from the cold dark shadows of my rock. And I'm not going to answer my phone anymore for awhile. UGH! Thank God its Monday and I can wait for Dr.Phil to come on!

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