Monday, June 8, 2009

Lucinda Green Day 1

Finally after an ominus start we all got going and a great day was had by all.The weather could not have been better (not too hot).

Lucinda pulled her usual great rabbits out of her teaching hat.It amazes me that I have actually had people say to me "oh I have done a Lucinda Green Clinic before,I already know that stuff".Yikes!

The very simple course she laid out this year transformed horses and riders into little jumping machines that were attentive,respectful ,and THINKING combinations instead of zooming,strung out scary images that we read about on the statistics pages.

There was a lot of jumping,talking ,bit changes,rearranging and very practical applications put to use and the results were progressive and definate.Riders were positive and hungry for more.

Lucinda is without question one of the best cross country teachers ever.Her theories do not change,nor do they need to.I was thrilled to have so many people come from all over again this year.we had so many that I did not get to ride but was happy to get the chance to listen and watch.

I kept seeing the principles applied by the the better riders at Rolex over and over again.The opportunity to have a go with Lucinda Green should not be missed by anyone interested in good riding PERIOD!!!!!!!!

A good friend of mine said from an auditors point of view,"she just gave me a personal lesson in my position and not to get ahead of my horse"! YEA YEA YEA!!!!When one gets to SEE this over and over.To watch all the whoopsies and grunting and steering ,ballancing,control(the lack thereof) issues over and over it fills one with excitement and the desire to practice and work it out for themselves.

Lucinda Green is an inspiration.What an honor to have her here and to listen and watch.I can't wait till tomorrow out on the cross country course to see what unfolds.Stay tuned!

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