Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lucinda Green Day 2

Day 2 is out on the cross country course and the riders get a chance to put together all their tubing skills with more skinnies and difficult small lines.This time they have the added element of undulating terrain.So balance and instinct become even more important to the horses and riders.Independence from the riders hands and reins as the horses need their necks more for their fifth leg is critical.

AS I did not get a chance to ride this time,I watched a lot and it was interesting to see those that knew what to expect ,verses the first timers.Either way it didn't matter.The first timers started their classes with intrepidation but were quickly put to ease by their newfound knowledge."Oh we did this yesterday"

IT DOES NOT MATTER how much one does this.One can NEVER EVER PRACTICE ENOUGH!Practice leads to muscle memory and when the riders can get in the right places and have some sort of instinct about what they are doing thats half the game.

Lucinda starts by putting the riders in their tube.She gets them glued on in the beginning employing thier safety seats so that they will be ready for the rest of the stuff.While Americans tend to work on galloping position and standing up balancing,this is the other end of the spectrum.This works on those critical last few moments before the point of take off that ensure a better jump.There is NO Emphasis placed on speed or galloping in the clinics.

I think that all that comes later anyway.I personally subscribe to this system as a teacher because I do not think you can get to stage two galloping and speed with a bunch of people and horses that you do not know having met them for the first time at a random clinic.

Stage one ,safety and balance and setting up is the name of the game for me.I was asked by one of the riders if I had other clinicians come.I do not have many.Then she named a few of the riders on the upper level circuit and I cringed because though they are great riders,I do not feel they are great teachers and communicators.It is not personal it is about specific technique and being able to explain feel and instinct.Not many riders are good at that.Lucinda is very good at that.To me,Lucindas principles are THE BOTTOM LINE to SAFE and EFFECTIVE riding.If you want to do anything for the sport of eventing,TAKE CLINICS WITH LUCINDA GREEN!!!!

AND SHE CARES A LOT ABOUT THE HORSES AND THE SPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I look forward to her return and hope I get to ride next time.I chose not to ride mostly for finacial reasons.The farm came first.But I did learn by watching and can't wait to experiment.I was very greatful to all of those that made a huge effort to come.This clinic is well worth the investment.These people were dedicated riding in the heat (though it wasn't too bad we were very lucky).They took time off from work and really really tried hard.Thankyou to all the riders.Thankyou to all my helpers Barbie and Antonio who helped me get the farm all ready.Paradise really loks great right now.Thanks to God for all the rain.And Thankyou Lucinda.

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