Saturday, June 20, 2009

War Zone

Anyone that thinks living on a farm(,especially with the name of Paradise )would be a quiet tranquil place with chirping birds and cool waterfalls should try and spend a few days here.

Boy what a few days we have had....Not only has it been VERY VERY HOT but we have been through hell and back with one of our horses being very very ill.The great news is that he has pulled through.

After about five of the most stressful,anxious days and nights,the team at Paradise can barely walk, talk, or think straight.The operative word here is team and I cannot thank everyone involved for their unbelievable dedication.The inside of the stable was transformed into a warzone like hospital,complete with beds,fans,cups of tea,red bulls(I have now reached my personal best ....5 in one day!),,telephones that buzzed every 20 minutes incase someone dozed off.Sleep deprivation is a very very powerful thing and none of us had anytime for that.Not only did I set my phone to super shock me into consciousness but I tied a rope around the poor horse and if he moved a certain way he'd pull me back into reality and I was there ready with an arsenal of meds.

WE read books,we even had bug races.I have never seen so many different types of bugs that appeared past dark but dissapeared by daylight.WE listened to the horses snoring.Pickles moans all night while sleeping.Then we have the chickens that are deliciously silent until one wakes up.WE also had bunny the cat on night watch.She was a welcome cuddle when it wasn't going well.We also made many a night drive around the block in the giant trailer.I am sure my neighbors love me even more after all the night commotion.Putting the horse on the trailer works a treat and was sucessful each and everytime.

I try to leave names and specific details out of the blogs to keep things simpler but I am completely honored to work with the team here at this farm and would head into any battle with all of them again.No one caved in even when things were looking very grim.WE were in definate crisis and came out the other side.The people that work here at Paradise farm are top notch and I am very very very lucky to have them all on board.I do not know how our vet is still alive after putting up with us for so long.Good thing she has a great team too behind her that can replenish her with peach fuzzies!Next time I'm definately going to hook us all up IV with those!

WE have about 11 horses in full work,plus lots of lessons to teach plus plus to keep everything going.It is definately not an easy place to be and with no shade at all it makes things very hard on everyone.I cannot thank everyone enough for standing by and keeping the mother ship afloat and this incredible horse up and about.

Churchill is our man.We will never ever give up..............

Our dear friend is up and about and looking great.Stay tuned!

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