Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Blog of 2010

Here we are. Who can believe it's 2010. The year is FLYING by already.December is supposed to be a quietish month for me. I am supposed to see lots of friends,rest and do Christmas cards to try and tell everyone out there hi,thanx, and spread peace and love and joy.

Well,I didn't get much of any of that done. Christmas was very quiet. I sent Barbie and Antonio away for a few days and it was just me,13 horses,three dogs,9 chickens,two kittens and our partridge in the pear tree is a white dove named Ramon that has taken up permanent residence here.

New Years was also quiet,but look out world,the Devils are now back in work. They were resonably well behaved until yesterday,Jan.8 when all hell broke loose.One thing for sure about riding at Paradise Farm is,if you can ride out on some of the horses here in the open windy fields,you can ride anywhere!

Yesterday ,Barbie rode Pickles(walking in a double bridle as he is so much horse now),Tori was on Next Dance and I was on Peter Pan (AKA OSAMA).Well Harry started it all. Up on hind legs ,down on front legs,inside out ,you name it. Then he took off cantering down the road towards the T junction of another road. "Oh great"I am thinking to myself.Pickles decides he can't possibly act like anything other than the next PBR candidate and starts caprioling down the road with Barbie shouting" whoa! whoa! bad boy Pickles.!"I crack up laughing ,go all weak in the knees at the sight of my great devils and best help running down the lane in front of me and then,KABOOOOOM,Peter Starts up and he can buck better than anything I have ever sat on before.So I'm trying to stay alive and avoid the gravel road and my dear friends and horses are rapidly getting further and further out of view!

It took great courage to stay with these devils I promise you. At the end when we finally got ourselves back together,everyone was laughing so hard we could not see. All of us had visions of (well it didn't happen so.............................)But these girls REALLY did well not to lose it.They are starting the year with a ten point bonus!

Fortunately todays hack was much more sedate.But the girls were ready. Stay tuned for more adventures!