Friday, February 12, 2010


On February 9-11 Paradise hosted an eventing clinic with Clayton and Lucinda Fredericks. Paradise was not the organizer just the host property. I was extremely dissapointed with the way this clinic was run . It was not the positive expeience I was looking for.

In trying to run a farm,one takes great care in the planning ,layout and general details of its day to day operation.This farm is about horses,their care and training.We welcome all that are interested to come watch,learn and participate. We host clinics and events and one schooling Jumping derby a year.Not only do we want to promote knowledge but also fun.This clinic was far from that for me.

For 3 days the organizer had over 50 horses here. They came in and out like clockwork. The riders had no idea of any schedual as there was not one. They were constantly in the dark as to what they were doing.I had no idea what was going on. I was never introduced to Clayton or Lucinda. The organizer never introduced herself to me either!I could not believe it.Riders never waived or said hi. It was a strange feeling to have all these people on the farm and have them act as if they owned the place.These acts of entitlement are foreign to me. I was definately brought up a different way.

The real kicker was when they felt they were entitled to just come and take my farm golf cart from the barn and use it all day without permission.I am 1 week from a hore trials with over 300 entries and they think that is ok to use a my vehicles that my help uses and stop farm operations?Outrageous!

When I saw the horses jumping cross country fences I specifically asked them not to jump,I finally called the organizer on the telephone and she denied any knowlege or responsibility of anything.Yet she was sitting on my golfcart along with 10 other people,watching the jumping and jumping those very fences herself!

I learned a lot from this clinic and I guess that's why it happened.I did not charge much money for this abuse . It is not always just about the money. It was meant to be about learning and the horses.I know the riders were happy with their lessons so thats a big positive.

I am very sad about this sense of entitlement that the riders seem to be showing these days.We are all trying hard to do the same thing.I am glad I was taught the things I know now . It is very sad to have all these riders on your farm and not be treated the way you want to treat them.

So another experience.I'm glad the riders were happy.Eventing is a luxury. Why don't these riders act like they are the least bit appreciative?HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

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