Saturday, February 6, 2010

Two Weeks and Counting

We are two weeks out from the Feb 19-21 Paradise farm Horse Trials Sponsored by ARENUS. I feel fairly good about the way things are going. We have had huge amounts of rain that has prevented us from moving all the cross country jumps around. This year we are changing all 4 courses again completely. The new bank is finished and hopefully this rain will help pack it in. I am excited about the bank. This is something I have wanted to do for about 5 years. Hopefully I will be able to add a sunken road complex in the future. I am a big believer in getting the horses to move their feet.

I am also putting lots of big pipe down to help with growing water and erosion problems. This is the third time I have worked on my roads. A very costly process in more ways than one.

We've made it to the three hundred mark again with our entries . That is a huge relief that should mean we can keep everything on an upward swing.As always I wish to thank everyone openly for entering and supporting the farm.

I know I am not popular with many riders for having the cross country course closed for schooling and I apologize, but I feel it will offer the competetors and the horses a better opportunity to have a safe and "proper crack" at the course if the take offs and landings are not chewed up.The course wil be open for schooling after the event. Then, we have our Jumping Derby the Wednesday following the event.

We also have Clayton and Lucinda fredericks coming to teach for three days Feb 9-11. This should be fun to watch.So Paradise will be hopping for the next two weeks.

On a daily basis, we have about 14 horses in full work. The Devils are entered for their first run of 2010 down at Rocking Horse. I am looking forward to that.River is still working away at his dressage and is jumping so well I cannot stand it. If only I knew then what I know now...... Charlie Ferrari made his 2010 debut back into the hunt field today at age 20. It was his first go since last year as I have been hunting Spencer up till now. Charlie didn't miss a beat.I know he is still the fastest horse in Aiken and I just LOVE that horse.He is a total mind reader and goes COMPLETELY on AUTOPILOT! I have a really cute 5 year old TB geld named Ping Pong that I think will be a blast this year too.Norman is coming of age and Ann is screaming with delight that all the hours of torture are starting to pay off. Barbie is riding about 6-7 horse a day in her new Devoucoux! Peter Pan really tested her out last week in the pouring rain and she was a real trooper. Two times around the front field and one hundred fifty miles per hour and she made it to the other side! Peter Pan and Riverdance are both Seattle Slew decendants and they delight in testing out people in that field. No two ways about it ,if you want to ride out at Paradise ,you will learn how to ride,one way or the other.......

Went to the Whiskey Road FoxHounds hunt ball last night.Good news I can fit into all my nice old dresses.Had a blast.The dance floor was packed all night. It is always such a wonderful party.Aiken Hounds will be having their hunt ball next week.Tis the season!

Seem to be having some sort of ridiculous porno person now attached to this blog. Will have to sort that out.I wish they would go bother some other person as I think they are ridiculous.So thats the current scandal.Always something.

Lots happening around here. Stay tuned.

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