Friday, February 26, 2010

Paradise Farm Jumping Derby

Two days after our Horse Trials Paradise offers a Jumping Derby in the cross country field. A jumping derby consists of show jumps to start,I think to get the horses up in the air and after that,a mini cross country course with banks ditches and our great water jump,then a few more show jumps just to make sure everyone can come back in control.We discourage speed and use an optimum time as we would for a recognized competition.

These jumping derbies are great fun,but we never really know how long they will last or who's coming as most people enter on the day.So it's a bit of a hurry up and wait thing. It was a bit chilly and windy on our day , but after our FANTASTIC event weekend , I cannot complain about weather or luck for a little while longer.I owe the weather Gods a lot after the gift they gave us last weekend! THANKYOU WEATHER GODS!!!!!!!!I bow to you in humble appreciation.

There is no doubt in my mind that six inches and a little sunshine matter!

We had great tadpole,Beginner novice and novice turn out. Training and Prelim seemed a bit thin. I was sad as it is CRAZY moving all the jumps around. The staking of every cross country jump is a NIGHTMARE to pull up in prep for the derby,but on the whole it was worth it. Many thanks to all that showed up.

So the shortish day allowed me to ride my horses. A prep I needed for my first day of Dressage lessons on the following Thursday. I am incredibly excited about the devils this year. I am really looking forward to getting back out on the road. That's why we do the derby so close to the event.

I love organizing the event and the derby but it is 12 Weeks of 24-7 and something has to get shorted. So that usually ends up being my horses. Customers horses come first and hunting and the lessons to try and keep the farm rolling.

The agony really sets in at night when I have to do the office stuff,which I am TERRIBLE at! FORTUNATELY Karen Kelly comes to my aid and handles the WRETCHED computer while I usually weep on the floor.I made it through all of January and FEB without any alcohol or chocolate !

I did break my fast the night before the derby though. I did not drink anything stronger than my new favorite peppermint tea,but I did eat chocolate and even a few cookies. But I'm back on my new thing now. Stress can really drive one over the edge.My self help books,shrink and personal trainer say I am allowed to go nuts every now and then. So nuts I went. YUMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for updates on the devils. We are on GO!

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