Monday, March 9, 2009

Just Want to Thank Everyone

Tomorrow I have to go to The Hughston clinic in Ga.,to have the leg checked out.This is a great opportunity to have some serious gurus put me back together.My local doctors didn't want to see it for 2 weeks so my first big thankyou goes to Alina Strickland.To all of you riders out there ,she is a WIZ with insurance and finacial planning and everyone that does what we do needs her.My healing will be all due to her.

Thanks to EVERYONE that has been helping at the farm.Barbie,Antonio,Tommy and all my friends that have been helping put the event away.Thanks to my mother for driving me around.I seriously contemplated driving the golfcart to jumping branch over the weekend but chickened out.

Thanks to all my friends that keep reminding me how strong I am and that I'll get through it.You should have witnessed my pity party after watching the Rolex DVD yesterday.I wasn't so strong then.I waddled on out to the golf cart and drove out to the stable and paddocks after everyone was gone and just stared at all the horses and got my !!!!!!!! back together.The horses are amazing.The farm is amazing and I have to suck it up!

Best thing that happened today was watching my friend Nina Fout jump her horses around Paradise.That brought me back to earth.Thats what the farm is about.I also taught a bunch of lessons and that's very rewarding too.

I am looking forward to my road trip tomorrow.Good or bad,they'll probaly plaster me up.I have been in just a splint and I'm looking forward to the a cast so the crunching will go away.Stay tuned and thanx to all that have been there.It is a great feeling to have so many friends. Arf Arf!

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