Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Follow Up

Thankyou again to all of you that have responded to the past blog. My GOD what happened ?

Well in a word, I am dead set against the use of drugs and they were rampant at the Aiken Horse Show.

To those local people that call themselves professionals or not, it is truely pathetic that you chose to mar the Aiken Horse Show with your pathetic (yes I know I used this word twice ) decisions to drug your horses in order to compete in a local Horse Show that has the history and tradition of the Aiken Horse Show.

Your blatant ignorance says everything about your lack of horsemanship and respect for our wonderful town, and your horses. You have done nothing but insult tradition and every form of horsemanship and sportsmanship that the Hitchcocks ever wanted for Aiken.

You did not deserve your awards.You won them only with dishonesty and deciept.

Your decisions are irreprehensible and inexcusable.

I truely feel sorry for those of you that felt you had to administer medication and then lie about it in order to win prizes.Wal mart sells colored ribbon very cheaply if you are that desperate for things to hang in your tack room.And I will personally give you the fifty cents so you can feel important.

I have to wonder, who gives this advice to you all, telling you that the use of drugs is ok? Who advises you all that it is the thing to do? Does anyone think about the danger involved when riding a horse that is medicated? Do the words "altered state" even enter into your thoughts about how to ride your horses? Do you even think at all?

If you have to medicate your horses to take them into a class at a horse show,why not withdraw?

I am embarrassed that people have actually come to this.

I am very sad that this has entered into the sanctuary of the Hitchcock woods.You have done more damage than you will ever know.I pity your decisions and your ignorance.

Here is a magical concept. Why not ride better? Go home and practice. You need it just like the rest of us.


Chris Stuart said...

Lellie after seeing you yesterday in the parking lot I read your blog. Can't agree more with you about the saftey issue. Most of these people are self medicated so they think nothing of medicating their horses. As trainers we see way too much drug use on the horses. I can't imagine trying to ride a horse "under the influence". I feel that these people should learn to ride or get a horse they can ride without drugs!

Lellie said...

Thankyou for your opinion.I don't even want to dicuss the owners and their medications but you are exactly right.Thankyou for reading the blog.Lellie