Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring In Aiken

I would love to be writing about the horse adventures at Paradise ,but my biggest adventures at the moment are going back and forth from the ring to the stable to the house and back to the ring to watch the horses work.My golfcart is definately fit enough for a four star.

It's a very hard thing to watch everyone else work the horses.After spending so much time learning about balance and communication with the horses, it is hard watching them go in different balances.I find a lot of the riders I watch do not place the balance very high on their personal priority list.They just do not think about it.I have to try hard not to be overbearing.I want to SCREAM!

So I see the horses VERY overbent and downhill and leaning ,hanging,dumping,dragging their legs.With constant badgering and reminding I can maneuver the riders verbally to change the balance but I do not see them correcting themselves or even thinking about it.I seem to think of nothing else.At my last ICP clinic,I was deemed the balance queen.I title I consider an honor.

Anyway HOPEFULLY just a couple more weeks and I can put my money where my mouth is and get back on in search of the Omnipotent uphill balance.

Spring is here in Aiken and it is heaven.I hope the people that come to Aiken can take the time out of their busy schedules to see the beauty of this place.The flowers,the azaleas,dogwoods,kalmia,tea olives ect that not only fill ones eye with the most wonderful sights but also fill the air with the smells of Aiken and Spring.If I could add anything on my plate it would be to pursue planting trees,flowers,boxwood hedges and climbing things everywhere around the farm.There are many established gardens here in Aiken that I will spend more time in in the distant future.

The rain we have gotten this spring is SUCH a blessing.Though it will soon be time for endless mowing,each drop we get now is a gift from above.Let it rain.(Of course I can say that as I am not riding in it everyday as normal)But these warm rains are heavenly in it or not.

Spring has Sprung.I am looking forward to the Easter Bunny,Rolex,Badminton.The Aiken Horse Show.(Another blog) and RIDING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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