Sunday, April 12, 2009

Moving On

Today was Easter Sunday.A perfectly beautiful day here in Aiken.I had the day off from the farm and saw lots of children wildly chasing easter eggs in their beautiful dresses and little suits.I spent a large part of the morning playing with two newborn goats(Billy and Naaaaanu).They were hysterical.Watching them buck and play was just what I needed.

It has taken everybit of a week for me to shake off the agrivation and disgust from last weekend at the horse show. Many people witnessed and commented on the goings on at the show.I am not alone in my feelings.

So Tuesday is a big day. Another Dr. appointment. Wouldn't it be great if he says I can walk and RIDE AGAIN! The leg feels good and I am ready.Fingers crossed!

I am ready to move on.I am hoping to get back with all the devils.I am itching to make some entries but can't yet as I don't want to jinx anything.Come tuesday night I am hoping to have a LARGE dent in my bank account with lessons and entries for the future.

I am looking forward to going to watch the big horse shows in town over the next two weeks.There will be some seriously good horses and riders here .Then There's Rolex and Badminton.Very exciting!Very inspiring!

Dreaming is such a huge part of this game.I dream about riding again.Will I remember how?I dream about things I need for the farm and the horses.I dream about painting the house (inside)I dream about planting millions of trees and flowers.I dream and scheme a million ways to try and pay for it all. To make it happen.Life is good.

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Shea Drinkard said...

So glad to hear things are heading in a better direction for you. You so deserve good things! I'm sending good thoughts (She will be able to ride... she will be able to ride) for your next Dr. Appt. Love you Lellie, -Shea.