Thursday, April 2, 2009


I was moaning a bit in the last blog about people not making an effort to think about balance.I have to retract a possible negative connotation.EVERYONE makes an effort to fix it when reminded and EVERYONE trys their heart out around here and that gives me GREAT satisfaction.It's just a lifelong issue for us all,like maintaining good posture,proper eating habits and drinking enough water EVERDAY? I know I don't always follow that perfect plan.

There have been LOTS os VERY SERIOUS efforts made by SO Many to get reay for The famous Aiken Horse Show in the woods.It will be great fun as always and is for the best cause.So many people have been REALLY WORKING HARD at their riding and having LOTS of fun with their horses.

So many people are taking HUGE risks ,leaping out of their comfort zones ,to enter that show ring this weekend.They must be applauded.Everything changes when ones leaves the saftey and comraderie of the warm up area and passes through the hallowed in gate.Gulp."Now what did she say? Smile ,pat the horse,breath,remember the course,the track,the size of stride,oops,oh no,wronglead,ahhhhhh what do I do now,turn right,oh god was it left?Was it the Aiken or the gate and then they will be hearing STRAAAAAAAAAAAAight down the lines.?oh God Oh God Oh God! Whew,deep breath.Remember to ride a good finish.Oh whew,now I can breath",walk ,walk, walk, out the gate.Huge Cheers from everyone no matter what.

I have been riding in the Aiken horse Show since I was about 4 years old.This is a magical show.There will be A LOT of sleepless riders tonight.A lot of sore elbows from all the polishing,scrubbing,and braiding.Stay tuned.I look forward to seeing all these gallant people ride this weekend.

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