Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rolex 2009

What a great weekend.Very inspiring.The new dressage test is very demanding and it was obvious that the riders need more time to perfect it but there were some seriously nice rides and the standard has really jumped up.The hard work everyone did over the past year showed.The Europeans really gave the US a run for the money and I can't help but think and envy them for the way they are trained and presented themselves.The European system is so very different from over here.Their team spirit and presentation was very evident.

The cross country course was spectacular as always.I was most impressed by the increase in the number of angled questions the horses had to jump.A serious test of nerve and control.The only way to get good at that stuff is a lot of practice.It is a matter of OWNING YOUR LINE.Not easy to do for eleven minutes!

Show Jumping was absolutely nail biting right down to the end.The course was up to size and quite technical.I had a great appreciation for the questions asked by Richard Jefferies after attending his seminar in New Orleans last year.The riders were brave and talented and I envied every one of them.Forward riding was the only way to go.

The weekend was a master class for eventing.I saw so many great principles being put into practice and I returned inspired and energized.

One thing for sure,there was some GREAT STUFF this weekend.Well done to everyone at Kentucky!It was a great vacation for me.Now back to work.

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